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Popular IT News Week of August 30th

Volume 281, Issue 4: August 23rd, 2021 — August 29th, 2021

Each week I select 60-90 items from mainstream IT publications and publish them on the website for “IT News and Events. I track the most popular articles and use those articles as the basis of my “IT Newsletter As A Service.

These are are most popular articles of this week’s issue.


The 3 IT Processes CIOs Need Most

Building effective IT 101: Processes matter, but some matter more than others. Here’s where to put your skin in the game as an IT leader.

What Is A Chief Technology Officer? The Exec Who Sets Tech Strategy

The CTO has emerged as a key player in the C-suite, as digital transformations become high strategic priorities for so many organizations

Cloud Security Alliance Welcomes Inaugural Members Of The CxO Trust Advisory Council

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications, and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment, announced the inaugural members of the CSA CxO Trust Advisory Council

How To Encourage Healthy Conflict: 8 Tips From CIOs

Learn how to harness the power of conflict to make better decisions and build team trust

Gartner Says Executive Leaders Must Act Now In Evaluating 7 Trends For An Effective Strategic Planning Process

Function-Specific Strategic Planning Templates Are Available for Complimentary Download

Why Is Risk Management Important?

Enterprise risk management done correctly can mitigate different types or levels of risk. Depending on the industry and group, risk management should address the organization’s business needs and respond to any risk event

How I Landed My CIO Job: With Kirsten Garen Of CDK Global

The latest subject in our CIO career series is Kirsten Garen, CIO of CDK Global. Garen joined the $1.7B auto dealership technology provider in November 2020.

How To Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

The pandemic has given many organizations an unexpected crash course in digitalization

Insights 2021: Digital Transformation Will Speed Up In In The Hybrid Workplace

Think back to a year ago: The pandemic hit, normal daily life came to a jarring halt and businesses everywhere rushed to transition to remote / hybrid workplace models for survival.


Why Privileged Access Management Is So Hard In The Cloud

Privileged access management (PAM) is in a bizarre place right now. On the one hand, organizations mostly understand the value of PAM.

Top Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) Tools & Software 2021

On average, it takes a business 287 days to find and contain a data breach

5 Practical Strategies For Mitigating Insider Cybersecurity Threats

The insider cybersecurity threat vector is vast and complex, but here are some things you can do now to prevent an incident.

What CISOs Need To Know About Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E is the most secure wireless standard ever, but making the wrong implementation decisions or not understanding its risks will negate that advantage

Top Cyber Security Threats To Organizations

Cyber security threats are a constant for organizations, whether they do business with the public or other organizations.

5 Key Cybersecurity Trends To Know For 2021

The fundamentals of cybersecurity in 2021: Scalability, user awareness, and the ability to evolve to meet changing network and security needs

6 Ways Cybersecurity Teams Can Save Time And Money

The phrase ‘time is money’, originally attributed to Benjamin Franklin, reprimands the slothful for wasting their working hours

5 Ways To Minimize The Cost Of A Ransomware Attack

In 2020, the average ransomware payment was $312,493 – a 171% year-over-year increase.

Data Loss Prevention: What Is DLP And Why Is It Important?

Data is the lifeblood of today’s information-based business.

How To Make Your Remote Team Safe From Cyberthreats

Having a remote workforce is not all about finding the top talents, increasing employees’ productivity, or reducing your operating cost


What’s New In Computational Storage? A Conversation With SNIA Leadership

The latest revisions of the SNIA Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model Version 0.8 Revision 0 and the Computational Storage API v0.5 rev 0 are now live on the SNIA website

How To Choose The Best NVMe Storage Array

NVMe arrays are the highest performance storage solutions available, offering a massive speed boost for enterprises willing to make the investment. Here’s how to select the right NVMe solution for you.

QLC vs. TLC NAND: Which is best for your storage needs?

QLC flash memory is best for most read-intensive workloads, while TLC is suited to write-dominant workloads. Discover how QLC vs. TLC NAND are coexisting in the data center.

Demystify The Distributed File System And Object Storage Market

IT teams in search of a distributed file system that supports object storage must carefully map out their requirements — and remember that no two products are exactly alike

56% Of Enterprises Want To Store More Data In Cloud

But questions of where and when remain, and better visibility being top priority


Don’t Let Your IT Team Make These 4 Mistakes In Cloud

As cloud adoption surges in popularity, it’s important that your cloud team is well equipped to handle their next project. However, there are mistakes that can derail a project

Here’s Who Made Gartner’s Magic Quadrant For Cloud Infrastructure And Platform Services

Here’s a look at the seven IaaS and PaaS cloud providers included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services report.

Misconfigurations: Still The Biggest Threat To Cloud Security

With a bit of effort and attention, businesses can avoid cloud security problems that arise from misconfigurations

The 3 Pillars To A Successful Cloud Strategy

Three facets when you’re considering cloud


AI More Likely To Complement Than Replace Predictive Analytics

The discipline of predictive analytics is likely to increase in importance as it is complemented by artificial intelligence. NHS and National Express case studies prove the point

Four Key Steps To Simplify Enterprise AI Success

Among the techniques to speed AI deployment, companies can deploy ready-made AI software, including pre-trained models and scripts.

5 Misconceptions Of ML Observability

In this special guest feature, Aparna Dhinakaran, Chief Product Officer at Arize AI, explains five of the biggest misconceptions surrounding machine learning observability. Arize AI is a startup focused on ML Observability. Aparna was previously an ML engineer at Uber, Apple, and Tubemogul (acquired by Adobe).


Inside Boston Dynamics’ Project To Create Humanoid Robots

Boston Dynamics is known for the flashy videos of its robots doing impressive feats. Among Boston Dynamics’ creations is Atlas, a humanoid robot that has become popular for showing unrivaled ability in jumping over obstacles, doing backflips, and dancing

What Has To Happen For Quantum Computing To Hit Mainstream?

Data Center World keynote: It’s still early days for quantum computing, where the fundamental technology remains unsettled, and the nature of workloads is fuzzy.

The World’s Largest Chip Is Creating AI Networks Larger Than The Human Brain

‘Extreme-scale AI’ is here


Top 10 Paying IT Jobs In 2021

Millions of Americans are looking for ways to increase their salaries and advance their careers. Fortunately, IT jobs are plentiful and lucrative.

Top 10 In-Demand It Certifications 2021

IT jobs deal with technical procedures or software that requires a specialty, so becoming certified in a specialized area demonstrates to employers that you have the distinct skill set needed to succeed in that role

Other News

A 10-Year Journey With Mysql Brings Oracle’s Heatwave Into The Query Database Discussion

When Oracle Corp. acquired the rights to MySQL through its purchase of Sun Microsystems Inc. in 2010, the company had a decision to make.

What Are 3 Best Practices For Decentralized Storage Systems?

Decentralized storage technology can be confusing and complicated. These best practices, however, can help with implementation in enterprise IT infrastructure

Best Agile Project Management Tools For 2021

Agile project management has grown in popularity for software development teams globally, but also for other businesses that balance multiple projects and deadlines.

Business Email Compromise Attacks Are Getting Out Of Hand

BEC is costing businesses millions of dollars

Businesses Are Struggling To Maximize The Value Of Their CRM Systems

CRM usage remained ‘largely flat’ over the last few years

What Does A Next Generation Firewall Do?

While most of the world is full of good-intentioned, trustworthy people, there is a huge number of bad actors out there that want to take down your systems and get their hands on your hard-earned money or data. That’s why next-generation firewalls are an important part of modern cyber security strategy.

Using ERP To Transition To A Digital Enterprise

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been the backbone of many organizations for decades. ERPs were popular because they offered a centralized back-end to manage and view vital business information in one place

Enterprise IT Vendor News (Sept. 28th)

From Volume 270 Issue 4

Each week I select 60-90 items from mainstream IT publications and publish them on the website for “IT News and Events.

I also select press releases from various mainstream IT vendors and certain blog articles. In this issue the vendors are: Tintri Oracle, Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, Dell EMC, Veeam, Red Hat, Fortinet, Citrix, HP, Nutanix, HPE, NVIDIA -, Centrify, SuperMicro, VMware, and Recorded Future.

Tintri News

Tintri Corporate Strategic Direction Driven By New Marketing Leadership

New Head of Global Marketing and Inside Sales Drives New Programs that Bolster Channel, Spotlight Tintri Innovative Technology and Honor Customers
[Tintri News, September 22nd, 2020]

Tintri Momentum Concert – Oct 1st

Join Tintri and The Spazmatics for a totally radical ’80s virtual concert that will get your whole house rockin’
[Tintri News, September 24th, 2020]

Oracle News

Oracle Named A Leader For Four Consecutive Years In Gartner Magic Quadrant For Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service

Report recognizes Oracle’s completeness of vision and ability to execute
[Oracle News, September 25th, 2020]

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Compute And High-Performance Computing Roadmap Update

Today, I wanted to share some important news on Oracle’s compute infrastructure offerings
[Oracle News, September 22nd, 2020]

Oracle And Rescale Bring Turnkey Bare-Metal Cloud To Enterprises

Oracle Cloud with Rescale gives engineers, scientists, and innovators an easy way to take advantage of fast bare metal computing with RDMA networking
[Oracle News, September 22nd, 2020]

Altair Accelerates Use Of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides Altair with bare metal, HPC, and RDMA networking features to help develop products faster at lower costs
[Oracle News, September 22nd, 2020]

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure First To Make NVIDIA A100 Gpus Generally Available In The Cloud

Best-in-class HPC cloud combines price-performance of on-premises with flexibility of cloud; Developers and data scientists can boost AI, data science, HPC, and machine learning performance by 2.5-6x, at lowest cost
[Oracle News, September 22nd, 2020]

Time Equals Money: Moat Outcomes Gives Advertisers Fast And Actionable Measurement Of Real-World Business Results

What if your thermometer only gave you a reading two days after you took it? Or your car’s gas gauge showed the fuel level from a week earlier?
[Oracle News, September 23rd, 2020]

Microsoft News

AT&T And Microsoft To Streamline Cloud Connectivity For IoT Devices Worldwide

A new solution built on AT&T’s global cellular network and Microsoft Azure Sphere will enable secured and effortless deployment of the IoT worldwide
[Microsoft News, September 22nd, 2020]

Shell And Microsoft Form Alliance To Help Address Carbon Emissions

Both companies will expand their deep existing technology collaboration to create and deliver new solutions to help customers, suppliers and other businesses lower emissions
[Microsoft News, September 22nd, 2020]

Telstra-Microsoft Partnership Signals New Generation Digital Foundations For Australian Businesses

Companies collaborate on one of Australia’s largest digital twin, emissions reduction initiatives, and drive transformative operational models
[Microsoft News, September 24th, 2020]

Microsoft To Acquire ZeniMax Media And Its Game Publisher Bethesda Softworks

Iconic games portfolio, publishing expertise, and world-class talent accelerates growth in Microsoft’s Gaming business
[Microsoft News, September 21st, 2020]

Lenovo News

Lenovo Launches Linux-Ready ThinkPad And ThinkStation PCs Preinstalled With Ubuntu

Lenovo announced a global expansion of its Linux portfolio, extending its certification program that was announced in June to include PCs preinstalled with Canonical’s Ubuntu LTS operating system
[Lenovo News, September 23rd, 2020]

New ThinkSmart Hub Collaboration Solution From Lenovo Helps Organizations Embrace Hybrid Working Model

Lenovo announced a new generation ThinkSmart Hub offering a sleeker design in a smaller footprint
[Lenovo News, September 22nd, 2020]

Lenovo Wins Stevie Award In 2020 International Business Awards

The International Stevie Awards recently named Lenovo the winner of a Silver Stevie Award in the Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year – More Than 2,500 Employees’ category in the 17th annual awards
[Lenovo News, September 23rd, 2020]

IBM News

Geodis Uses IBM Sterling Order Management To Help Retailers Accelerate Omnichannel Customer Experience Capabilities With New E-Commerce Fulfillment Service

Global, Third-Party Logistics Provider Integrates Store and Online Fulfillment with Warehousing and Transportation Services to Help Optimize Demand Management
[IBM News, September 21st, 2020]

IBM Brings Risk Analytics To Security Decision Making

New Service Translates Security Risk Exposure for Areas Like Cloud, M&A and Remote Work into Financial Terms
[IBM News, September 22nd, 2020]

IBM Modernizes Financial Transaction Solution On Red Hat OpenShift To Give Banks The Flexibility Of Hybrid Cloud

IBM announced the release of a new version of its Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) solution, updated and containerized to run on Red Hat OpenShift and designed to help banks and financial institutions take advantage of the flexibility of hybrid cloud
[IBM News, September 23rd, 2020]

Dell EMC News

Dell Technologies Achieves Top Ranking In Sql Server TPC-H Benchmark

If you want to find a list of the 20 best electric toothbrushes for 2020, you have plenty of options
[Dell EMC News, September 21st, 2020]

Benchmarking Machine Learning Performance At Dell Technologies

When it comes to training and inference workloads for machine learning models, performance is king. Faster system performance equates to faster time to results. But how do you objectively measure system ML training and inference performance? In a word, look to MLPerf.
[Dell EMC News, September 23rd, 2020]

Veeam News

IaaS Azure Data Protection Using Azure Backup And Veeam

The cloud adoption is inevitable, but there are some new considerations to make on this journey
[Veeam News, September 21st, 2020]

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Modern Backup

Modern backup seems to be such a hot term at the moment, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon
[Veeam News, September 22nd, 2020]

Red Hat News

Getting Started With The Red Hat Insights Policies Capability

Many customers I talk to have gotten a lot of value out of Red Hat Insights, which allows Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) customers to proactively identify and remediate risks in their RHEL environments
[Red Hat News, September 23rd, 2020]

Friday Five – September 25, 2020

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week’s top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye…
[Red Hat News, September 25th, 2020]

What I Learned As An Engineering Intern At Red Hat

Interning at Red Hat has been one of the most challenging summers of my life, but it’s been well worth it. Being an engineering intern working on Red Hat OpenShift’s GitOps workflow has forced me to grow and learn more than ever before
[Red Hat News, September 24th, 2020]

Red Hat Partners With Skillsbuild.Org To Offer Retraining Solution

The impact of COVID-19 on the jobs market has been substantial, but we know that enterprises are still looking for qualified IT professionals
[Red Hat News, September 23rd, 2020]

Red Hat Brings Its Expo Experience Directly To You

Nothing is more important than community – so we created a space for all of us. Meet the Red Hat pop-up experience
[Red Hat News, September 22nd, 2020]

HP News

HP Inc. And The Arbor Day Foundation Team Up To Plant One Million Trees By The End Of 2020

During Climate Week, HP continues to showcase its commitment to a low-carbon, circular economy through protecting, restoring, and promoting sustainable forests while setting goals and intentions to reduce consumption in operations over the next 5 years
[HP News, September 22nd, 2020]

Fortinet News

School District Secures Distance Learning for 18,000+ Students With FortiEDR

As school districts across the United States booted up for distance learning, endpoint security became a top priority
[Fortinet News, September 23rd, 2020]

Ensure Best User Experience With Self-Healing SD-WAN

SD-WAN solutions have become increasingly popular as organizations demand fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity to and between different network environments
[Fortinet News, September 24th, 2020]

Threat Intelligence Is The Lifeblood Of Active Security

The availability of reliable and actionable threat intelligence is essential for any effective security strategy
[Fortinet News, September 25th, 2020]

Vote-By-Mail Election Security Falls In The Hands Of Local Government

Compared to other significant IT issues, election security poses unique challenges given the importance of public confidence in electoral integrity
[Fortinet News, September 22nd, 2020]

Citrix News

Work 2035: Citrix Research Reveals A More Intelligent Future

New technology powered by flexible work models will cause companies to rethink workforce strategies; AI-augmented employees will be more engaged, twice as productive, and more innovative
[Citrix News, September 21st, 2020]

Your Employees Are Made For Bigger Things

Business has changed in profound ways over the last decade – and perhaps more so in the last six months than at any time in history. Nowhere is this more evident than in how we work.
[Citrix News, September 25th, 2020]

Getting The Employee Experience Right

Organizations’ ability to manage and master the unexpected has been put to the test in the last few months
[Citrix News, September 25th, 2020]

University Of Vermont Health Network Shifts To New Remote Healthcare Models

COVID-19 has sent waves of change throughout the medical industry. Around the world, in various areas of medicine and technology, organizations have had to adapt quickly to keep up with this new normal
[Citrix News, September 23rd, 2020]

Start Testing Citrix Workspace App For Mac And HTML5 With MacOS Big Sur

Here at Citrix, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the betas of the new macOS, Big Sur, and I know many of you have been, too
[Citrix News, September 24th, 2020]

Nutanix News

Reshaping Digital Infrastructure In The Healthcare New Normal

In the past few months, as an industry analyst
[Nutanix News, September 25th, 2020]

HPE News

HPE Advances The Global Food System With CGIAR

World hunger has only worsened in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. To fully understand the situation today, CGIAR needs to generate a timely picture of what is happening in ‘food basket’ locations – or areas of significant food production – around the world
[HPE News, September 24th, 2020]

HPE Reshapes The HCI Landscape: Breaking Away From Competition

HPE’s industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology gains market share. Enables IT agility and operational simplicity for customers
[HPE News, September 25th, 2020]

HPE Completes Acquisition Of SD-WAN Leader Silver Peak

With the addition of Silver Peak’s SD-portfolio, HPE can accelerate the delivery of a true distributed cloud model and cloud experience for all apps and data wherever they live. Aruba and Silver Peak share a common vision and goal to provide simplicity, scalability, and application-awareness at the edge.
[HPE News, September 21st, 2020]


New Earth Simulator To Take On Planet’s Biggest Challenges

A new supercomputer under construction is designed to tackle some of the planet’s toughest life sciences challenges by speedily crunching vast quantities of environmental data
[NVIDIA News, September 25th, 2020]

Modeled Behavior: Dspace Introduces High-Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics Simulation On NVIDIA Drive Sim

New automotive simulation model on the open, modular DRIVE platform accurately recreates driving dynamics
[NVIDIA News, September 24th, 2020]

Inception: Exploring The Ai Startup Ecosystem With NVIDIA’s Jeff Herbst

Jeff Herbst is a fixture of the AI startup ecosystem. Which makes sense since he’s the VP of business development at NVIDIA and head of NVIDIA Inception, a virtual accelerator that currently has over 6,000 members in a wide range of industries
[NVIDIA News, September 24th, 2020]

Centrify News

Cloud Adoption Has Saved More Than Half Of UK Businesses From COVID-19 Collapse

Ready to Protect Against the #1 Attack Vector?
[Centrify News, September 24th, 2020]

SuperMicro News

Supermicro Is First-To-Market With NEBS Level 3 Certified 1U Server — Delivers 2,560 NVIDIA GPU Cores For 5G Edge AI & VR Innovation

1U System Is Ideal for 5G Workloads, AI, AR/VR, and Offers Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of GPU Servers for Optimized Compute Workloads
[Supermicro News, September 23rd, 2020]

VMware News

VMworld Demonstrates What Is ‘Possible Together’ In 2020 And Beyond

VMware, Inc. announced the General Session keynote speakers and the conference sponsorships for VMworld 2020. Beginning Sept. 29, 2020, VMworld 2020 will welcome attendees to experience the completely digital
[VMware News, September 22nd, 2020]

Recorded Future News

Curating Your Personal Security Intelligence Feed

Our guest is Sal Aurigema, associate professor of computer information systems at the University of Tulsa
[Recorded Future News, September 21st, 2020]

IT News: Networks, CRM, Humor, Operations, Backup, HR, Big Data, DevOps, Java, DR, FOSS, BI, PeopleTek, HPC, IT AR-VR.. (Sept 28th)

Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Tips To Select The Right Microcontrollers For IoT

Microcontrollers offer advantages over other processors for IoT deployments, including efficient energy use. Understand the market and criteria for microcontroller selection
[IoT Agenda, September 23rd, 2020]

Intel Unveils New Atom X6000E And 11th Gen Core CPUs For IoT And Edge Uses

All-new Intel Atom e6000E and 11th Generation Intel Core processors aimed at AI, IoT and industrial uses were launched Sept. 23 at the company’s Intel Industrial Summit 2020 virtual event
[EnterpriseAI, September 23rd, 2020]

Apache Promotes IoT Database Project

An open source Internet of Things database effort has been elevated as a ‘top-level project’ by the Apache Software Foundation
[datanami, September 25th, 2020]

Shipments Of Next-Gen Smart IoT Gateways To Reach 21.4 Million By 2025

IoT gateways are becoming an increasingly important link in the IoT security and device authentication value chain and emerging as a crucial conduit for intelligent operations across the entire IoT
[HelpNet Security, September 24th, 2020]


A Million Students And Counting Have Learned Linux

The Linux Foundation’s Free Introduction to Linux class has just passed the million enrollment mark
[ZDNet, September 22nd, 2020]

Linux Foundation Adds Entry-Level Certification

The certification will focus on the test taker’s knowledge of the fundamentals of system administration
[, September 24th, 2020]

Lenovo Launches Linux-Ready ThinkPad And ThinkStation PCs Preinstalled With Ubuntu

Lenovo announced a global expansion of its Linux portfolio, extending its certification program that was announced in June to include PCs preinstalled with Canonical’s Ubuntu LTS operating system
[Lenovo News, September 23rd, 2020]


Should You Upgrade Tape Drives To The Latest Standard?

A recently released standard for linear tape – open-LTO-9 – sets the scene for faster drives with more capacity, but are they a must-have?
[Networkworld, September 22nd, 2020]

Spectra Logic Announces First Tape Library To Store One Exabyte Of Uncompressed Data Leveraging LTO-9 Technology

The ninth generation of LTO technology surpasses the per-cartridge capacity of LTO-8 by 50 percent to 18TB native, and advances full height LTO-9 drive performance by 15 percent to 400 MB/s native
[HPCWire, September 24th, 2020]

In New LTO Roadmap, LTO-9 To Feature 45 TB Capacity

Long-term archiving and offline data protection are two key uses for LTO-9, the latest generation of tapes from the LTO Program. The roadmap extends to LTO-12
[SearchDataBackup, September 24th, 2020]


The Pros And Cons Of 5G Networks

Enterprises are evaluating 5G and its effect on their operations. Before they can start reaping the benefits from the standard, they will have to carefully consider these 5G pros and cons
[SearchNetworking, September 22nd, 2020]

What’s Involved In VPN Maintenance And Management?

Before an organization’s VPN is up and running, IT teams must address four important aspects of VPN maintenance and management to keep abreast of transforming security concerns
[SearchNetworking, September 23rd, 2020]

IPv4 Vs. IPv6: What Are The Main Differences?

IPv6 is the future, but how is it different from IPv4?
[, September 21st, 2020]


Flashback Friday: You’re Welcome

There’s no winning this one.
[ComputerWorld, September 25th, 2020]

Memory-Lane Monday: An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pounding Headache

Not the greatest decision ever made
[ComputerWorld, September 21st, 2020]


The 8 Best Enterprise CRM Solutions Reviewed For 2020

It’s no secret that salespeople often spend more time searching for prospects and doing administrative work (like data entry) than selling
[Business 2 Community, September 25th, 2020]

How CRM Software Can Take Your Small Business To The Next Level

Get ahead of the competition with Freshsales CRM
[, September 24th, 2020]

Hubspot Announces Major Upgrade To Its Sales CRM

Marrying Enterprise Power With Consumer Ease-Of-Use
[AiTHORITY, September 23rd, 2020]


6 DCIM Software Vendor Tools Address Data Center Complexities

DCIM tools can improve data center management and operation. Learn how six prominent products can help organizations control costs, manage energy and track assets
[SearchDataCenter, September 24th, 2020]

Avoid Overheated Servers With Liquid Cooling

During the summer months, most people spend time figuring out the most efficient — and cost-friendly — way to cool their living space
[SearchDataCenter, September 24th, 2020]


This Company’s Zoom Policy May Be The Worst I’ve Ever Heard

Working from home has made many companies reassess how they manage. Some manage to make things worse
[ZDNet, September 26th, 2020]


Top Five Ways Backup Can Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware threatens to put your data beyond reach, so the best way to prepare is to have good-quality data you can restore from backup. We look at the key things to consider
[ComputerWeekly, September 24th, 2020]

Backup Vendors Ready For AWS Outposts

Commvault, Veritas, Cohesity, Clumio and Rubrik are certified as AWS Outposts Ready, ensuring their data protection products are supported on the Amazon-owned on-premises platform
[SearchDataBackup, September 23rd, 2020]

Big Data

When Users Can Manipulate Big Data At Their Own Desks They Can Use It To Solve More Problems

The best data is the data that people actually use. Make sure the end user knows how to use the data tools for the best business results
[TechRepublic, September 24th, 2020]

Differentiating Between Data Lakes And Data Warehouses

When comparing data lake vs. data warehouse, it’s important to know that these two things actually serve quite different roles. They manage data differently and serve their own types of functions
[SmartDataCollective, September 23rd, 2020]


Top 10 DevOps Tools For Continuous Integration

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of merging all the software code changes and updates into a shared central repository/mainline
[Business 2 Community, September 22nd, 2020]


The Cross-Platform Capabilities Of JavaFX Should Not Be Underestimated

Now that JavaFX 15 has been released, let’s take a look at some of the newest features. We spoke with Java Champion and Gluon co-founder Johan Vos to learn all about the latest JavaFX release, what to look forward to in JavaFX 16, and why JavaFX has a competitive edge
[Jaxenter, September 21st, 2020]


It’s Time To Update Your Pandemic Disaster Recovery Plan

Your DR plan may be unprepared for a pandemic, and while mid-pandemic is not the ideal time to be discovering issues, you should use this time to make changes
[SearchDisasterRecovery, September 23rd, 2020]


How Open-Source Software Transformed The Business World

People still think of open-source software as general programs for general problems. And, it is, but it’s also become vital for vertical markets and companies as well
[ZDNet, September 24th, 2020]


BI Is Dead; Long Live BI

The perception of legacy enterprise business intelligence (BI) platforms comes with some legitimate stigma and baggage
[Forrester, September 22nd, 2020]

PeopleTek News

Inclusiveness Is A Major Factor

Many employees do not feel fully included at work and want their organizations to do more to advance inclusion and diversity – McKinsey & Company
[PeopleTek News, September 22nd, 2020]


What Advances In HPC And AI Mean For Business, And What They Do Not

Paul Brook, pre-sales manager for data centric workloads at Dell Technologies, discusses the impacts high-performance computing (HPC) and AI advances have on business
[InformationAge, September 21st, 2020]


How Augmented Reality (AR) Became The Real Game-Changer For Marketing

While brands have dabbled in augmented reality (AR) for years, 2020 marks the tipping point where it’s becoming an integral part of marketing strategy, helping create meaningful and emotional consumer connections
[AiTHORITY, September 22nd, 2020]

IT News: AI, IoT, Technology, Careers, Linux, Tape … (Sept 28th)

Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Five Ways To Drive ROI With AI

AI is often touted as the way of the future for enterprises in all industries – but ensuring that the return on investment (ROI) from an AI implementation actually comes to fruition can often be a trickier thing
[datanami, September 24th, 2020]

Top 10 Machine Learning Companies 2020

These top machine learning companies leverage AI, automation and advanced analytics to provide the most sophisticated machine learning platforms available today
[Datamation, September 22nd, 2020]

Pandemic Accelerates Machine Learning

COVID-19 has had profound effects on the global economy. While some industries took a hard hit, others found new opportunities — such as machine learning
[InformationWeek, September 21st, 2020]

Why AI Projects Fail

Five ways a business can succeed with their AI projects.
[ITProPortal, September 25th, 2020]

RPA Revenue To Hit Nearly $2B Next Year, Gartner Says

Robotic process automation (RPA) revenues will reach $1.9 billion in 2021, up 19.5% from 2020, according to Gartner projections
[CIODIVE, September 21st, 2020]


Next-Generation Datacenter SSDs Could Feature An Ethernet Interface

Kioxia and partners begins to sample Ethernet SSDs
[, September 25th, 2020]

Curly The Curling Robot Throws Stones Like A Pro

Robots have shown themselves to excel at any number of sports and activities, though they do best when they have a single task
[TechCrunch, September 23rd, 2020]

The Era Of Big Memory Is Upon Us

If you reduce systems down to their bare essentials, everything exists in those systems to manipulate data in memory, and like human beings, all that really exists for any of us is what is in memory
[TheNextPlatform, September 23rd, 2020]

Your Next Hard Disk Drive Could Contain Glass

Glass could become a vital component in the world’s first petabyte hard drive in order to satiate humanity’s thirst for data storage
[, September 22nd, 2020]


Half Of Professionals Believe Working From Home Has Negatively Impacted Their Careers

Professionals report that working from home has reduced internal and external networking opportunities and harmed their career progress, according to a new survey
[TechRepublic, September 21st, 2020]

You Mean The Recruiter Isn’t The Hiring Manager?

A reader wants to hear from the hiring manager, not from a recruiter, in the September 22, 2020 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter.
[Ask The Headhunter, September 21st, 2020]

2020 Has Profoundly Changed How We Work – So What Now?

We often talk about how technology needs to be agile, but the events of 2020 have demonstrated that so does humanity. The coronavirus pandemic created a massive, rapid pivot to remote working, a change that will have far-reaching implications not just for how we work now, but into the future.
[ITBrief, September 25th, 2020]

The Virtual Workforce: What You And Your Teams Need To Know About Home Working

Deploying long term remote working and collaboration solutions to the entire workforce
[ITProPortal, September 21st, 2020]

IT News: Storage, Cloud (Sept. 28th)

Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Seagate Exos X18 3.5-Inch Up to 18TB 6Gb SATA/12Gb SAS Helium-Based 7200rpm HDD Family Shipping

$562, and also Exos AP 2U12 storage systems and controller for AP 4U100 storage systems
[StorageNewsletter, September 23rd, 2020]

New Urgency For More Disks-Per-Drive Needed In Nearline HDDs?

From 9 platters now, 10-disk designs may emerge sooner than originally planned.
[StorageNewsletter, September 24th, 2020]

COVID-19 Stresses Healthcare Data Storage Resources

Healthcare organizations face new obstacles to effectively manage and store their data resources. See how they’re using cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises storage models
[SearchStorage, September 23rd, 2020]

Western Digital Red Pro 16TB And 18TB HDDs Announced

Along with their updated Purple drives, Western Digital has announced two new massive HDD releases, the WD Red Pro 16TB, and 18TB drives
[StorageReview, September 23rd, 2020]

Western Digital Announces Purple Storage Line Additions

Western Digital (WD) announced additions to its family of WD Purple storage solutions. The new additions consist of an 18TB HDD and a 1TB microSD, both due out later this year
[StorageReview, September 23rd, 2020]


Top 6 Complexity Challenges Of Operating A Cloud At Scale

It’s not unusual for enterprises to scale their applications to meet demand, but they need to be aware of the associated cloud complexity issues. Look out for these six common problems
[SearchCloudComputing, September 23rd, 2020]

6 Tools To Know For Private Cloud Monitoring And Reporting

Cloud reporting helps admins address capacity issues and reduce outages. Effective tools should include role-based dashboards and track virtual and physical hardware
[SearchDataCenter, September 24th, 2020]

As Cloud Computing Grows Rapidly, Companies Look To Manage Costs

As cloud computing has taken off and continues to grow rapidly, companies are motivated to get a handle on potentially runaway costs
[aitrends, September 24th, 2020]

How Cloud Threat Protection Takes On Shadow IT

Cloud access security broker capabilities – discovery, data loss prevention, threat protection, encryption, logging – should sit between every kind of app a company houses
[CIODIVE, September 21st, 2020]

IT News: Security (Sept. 28th)

Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.

Best Password Managers In 2020 : Free, And Paid Software To Secure Your Passwords

Password managers to keep all your accounts secure
[, September 21st, 2020]

Automation: A Pathway To Smarter Cybersecurity

Under regular circumstances, the cybersecurity industry operates against the backdrop of a long-standing labor gap
[datanami, September 22nd, 2020]

What Is DNS Security?

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you type a website address in your browser’s search bar?
[ITProPortal, September 23rd, 2020]

5 Steps To Greater Cyber Resiliency

Work from home isn’t going away anytime soon, and the increased vulnerability means cyber resiliency will continue to be critical to business resiliency
[Dark Reading, September 21st, 2020]

Cybersecurity Team Structure Stronger With 3 New Roles

Having the right cybersecurity team in place can help reduce how long it takes to control threats. Consider adding cloud security, third-party risk and digital ethics specialists
[SearchSecurity, September 24th, 2020]

Cybersecurity Governance: A Path To Cyber Maturity

All organizations need cybersecurity governance programs so that every employee understands and is aware of cybersecurity mitigation efforts to reduce cyber risks
[SearchSecurity, September 23rd, 2020]

NIST Guide To Help Orgs Recover From Ransomware, Other Data Integrity Attacks

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a cybersecurity practice guide enterprises can use to recover from data integrity attacks, i.e., destructive malware and ransomware attacks, malicious insider activity or simply mistakes by employees that have resulted in the modification or destruction of company data (emails, employee records, financial records, and customer data).
[HelpNet Security, September 24th, 2020]

Ransomware Attacks Growing In Number, Severity: Why Experts Believe It Will Get Worse

Law enforcement and federal experts discuss recent ransomware trends and challenges of fighting the attacks
[CSO Online, September 21st, 2020]

Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) Releases New Version Of The GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit For SMBs

The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) announced the release of an updated version of its Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business
[HelpNet Security, September 24th, 2020]

Ensuring Your Cybersecurity Teams Are Helping The Business

Business leaders need to review how they’re handling cybersecurity oversight. Are leaders asking the right questions and understanding how their cybersecurity program currently works?
[SearchCIO, September 22nd, 2020]

Solving The Problem With Security Standards

More explicit threat models can make security better and open the door to real and needed innovation
[Dark Reading, September 24th, 2020]

IT News: CxO (Sept. 28th)

Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.

AI-First Or Nothing

If an operating model defines how an organization positions people, process, and technology to deliver customer value, then companies with an AI-first operating model are those that prioritize the use of AI to weave more intelligence and automation into the firm’s products, processes, and experiences
[CIO, September 21st, 2020]

Akamai CTO Discusses The Impact Of AI On Internet Performance

James Kretchmar, CTO of Akamai, spoke to Information Age about how AI and machine learning impact Internet performance
[InformationAge, September 21st, 2020]

6 Types Of CISO And The Companies They Thrive In

Jeff Pollard, VP and principal analyst at Forrester, wants CISOs to discover the type of leader they are – transformational, tactical, steady – and run with it
[CIODIVE, September 22nd, 2020]

Holy Grail Still Elusive In Enterprise Architecture Strategy

MIT’s Jeanne Ross discusses why enterprise architecture projects succeed and fail and what companies can do to better align technology with strategic business goals
[SearchCIO, September 24th, 2020]

Why Digital Transformation Success Requires Multicloud

As businesses begin to reprioritize projects put on hold due to the current environment, a top initiative for senior IT leaders is expanding multi-cloud capabilities as a part of broader digital transformation strategies
[Business 2 Community, September 22nd, 2020]

80% Of Businesses Expect IT Budgets To Grow Or Remain Steady In 2021

The global COVID-19 crisis is a catalyst for change, spurring businesses to continue to invest in technology to support and secure a remote workforce, despite slowing corporate revenue growth resulting from the pandemic, a Spiceworks Ziff Davis study reveals
[HelpNet Security, September 21st, 2020]

CIO Interview: Julie Berry Of Saffery Champness Advances Business Advisory Role For IT

Julie Berry, IT director at accountancy firm Saffery Champness, describes how her team has enhanced its advisory role to the business, in part through the implementation of a cloud-based document management system
[ComputerWeekly, September 21st, 2020]

CIO Spotlight: Jen Felch, Dell Technologies

Looking back with 20:20 hindsight, what would you have done differently? “I would have spoken up a more loudly and a more frequently.”
[IDG Connect, September 25th, 2020]

Top 5 Strategic Technologies To Invest In 2021

Technology is evolving every day. Are you? Nowadays, digital acceleration is a priority across sectors
[Business 2 Community, September 23rd, 2020]

Cybercriminals Moved Quickly To Capitalize On The COVID-19 Outbreak Using Malicious Emails

While the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the lives and operations of many people and organizations, the pandemic failed to interrupt onslaught of malicious emails targeting people’s inboxes, according to an attack landscape update published by F-Secure
[HelpNet Security, September 21st, 2020]

How To Negotiate Software Costs As IT Budgets Are Slashed

The most important part of negotiating with software vendors is the preparation stage, said Paul McKay, senior analyst at Forrester, while speaking at the virtual Forrester Security and Risk Global 2020 conference Tuesday. CISOs and CIOs need to familiarize themselves with the vendor’s market, pricing dynamics, and work in tandem with procurement
[CIODIVE, September 23rd, 2020]

Events for IT Executives (270.4)

Vol 270 Issue 4 Posted Sept. 21st

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.

Note: Most of these events are only open to qualified participants, typically senior IT management with decision/purchase authority.

2020 HMG Live! Chicago CIO Executive Leadership Summit (Oct 1st.)

HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits deliver world class thought leadership where attendees receive unique insights into best practices and hear success stories involving leadership, management, technology and career development.
[Thursday, October 1st, 2020: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM]

The Future of Data Layer Strategies: Trends & Innovations (Sept. 29th)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid, interactive, peer-to-peer, industry discussion. Hear from your peers on the importance of Digital Transformation, strategies being implemented and challenges being faced!
[Tuesday, September 29th, 2020: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM]

Managing Insider Risk in the Remote Era (Oct 1st)

Join us Thursday, October 1, at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT to learn how top CSOs are managing insider risk in the remote era.
[Thursday, October 1st, 2020: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EST)]

How China’s Cyber Threat Groups Support Beijing’s Geopolitical Objectives (Sept. 30th)

It’s no secret that Beijing has ambitious plans to reposition itself as the world’s superpower – one of the keys to its success has been its ability to deploy its cyber units to conduct state-endorsed operations.
[Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 BST]

Understanding and Reducing the Cost of Cloud Storage (Sept. 30th)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid, interactive, peer-to-peer, industry discussion. Hear from your peers on the importance of Digital Transformation, strategies being implemented and challenges being faced!
[Wednesday, September 30th, 2020: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM]

Florida CIO Virtual Town Hall – Achieving Business Transparency (Sept. 30th)

Business transparency and trust is more important than ever for CIOs and CISOs to drive competitive advantage, mitigate risk, and ultimately create business value.
[Wednesday, September 30th, 2020: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM]

Accelerating the New Intelligent Data Center (Oct. 14th)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid interactive industry discussion. Hear from your peers about concrete lessons learned & real-world challenges faced during these unprecedented times.
[Wednesday, October 14th, 2020: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM]

Evanta: Global CIO Virtual Executive Summit (Oct. 15th)

Come together with other Global CIOs and CTOs who lead large, multinational organizations at this exclusive virtual summit. Engage in candid discussions, dive deep into critical issues and validate strategies with other enterprise heads of IT and technology on the challenges unique to complex, multinational operations. The Global CIO Executive Summit features topics and speakers determined by your industry peers, ensuring the agenda delivers the most timely and relevant information in a true, peer-to-peer environment.
[Thursday, October 29th, 2020: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM]

Evanta 2020 Florida CIO & CISO Virtual Executive Summit (Oct. 29th)

Come together with your peers virtually to tackle top business challenges through peer-driven content and discussions at the Florida CIO Virtual Executive Summit. Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CIOs today.
[Thursday, October 15th, 2020: 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM PST]

IT News: Most Popular Articles from Last Week

Volume 270 Issue 3

Selections from last week’s weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.” (279.2)

IT News – CxO

Digital Transformation: 4 Post-Pandemic Security Priorities

Amid pandemic-related disruption, security has become inseparable from digital transformation. Consider these priorities for building trust with colleagues, customers, and regulators
[The Enterprisers Project, September 9th, 2020]

Blue Cross NC Brings IT Back In House To Improve Agility

The health insurer insourced its engineering team after a frustrating experience with an MSP and is now reaping the benefits of a more responsive infrastructure
[CIO, September 7th, 2020]

2020 Has Shown That The Time Digital Transformation Is Now

Organizations cannot afford to put off digital transformation – this is how best to approach it
[ITProPortal, September 11th, 2020]

10 Value-Adds That CISOs Can Deliver

Savvy security chiefs are generating returns for their organizations beyond enabling secure business operations. Here’s how they do it
[CSO Online, September 7th, 2020]

Leading In The Next Normal: 6 Lessons Learned For CIOs

We need to lean into the lessons – around challenges ranging from training to silos – learned in the first months of the pandemic, in preparing for the next transition
[The Enterprisers Project, September 10th, 2020]

IT News – Security

10 Common Cloud Security Mistakes That Put Your Data At Risk

Yes, the cloud offers many security advantages over on-premises, especially for smaller organizations, but only if you avoid these mistakes around cloud configuration, monitoring and patching
[CSO Online, September 10th, 2020]

Global Security Appliance Market Revenue Grew To $4.2B In Q2 2020

The total security appliance market delivered solid unit shipment and revenue growth in the second quarter of 2020 (2Q20), according to IDC
[HelpNet Security, September 8th, 2020]

How Centralized Log Management Can Save Your Company

Through centralized log management, organizations can consolidate all log data into one central, data highway and directs logs wherever they need to go
[, September 10th, 2020]

Towards Smarter Security

What is your number one priority?
[CIO, September 10th, 2020]

IT News – Storage

Tiered Storage, Building Optimal Storage

Strategy to balance storage costs, data lifecycle management practices, and storage technology priorities with storage performance
[StorageNewsletter, September 11th, 2020]

NVMe Speeds Explained

The non-volatile memory express protocol is tailor-made to make SSDs fast. Get up to speed on NVMe performance and how it compares to the SATA and SAS interfaces
[SearchStorage, September 11th, 2020]

Archival Storage

The size of preserving digital archives is now reaching the order of petascale, exascale and will approach zettascale capacities in the foreseeable future
[StorageNewsletter, September 11th, 2020]

IT News – AI

Why You Need To Start Thinking About Mlops

The future of successful AI implementations will be MLOps
[ITProPortal, September 8th, 2020]

Artificial Intelligence Is Now

Today, we still think of artificial intelligence (AI) as the technology of tomorrow – and that makes me worry that many of us aren’t paying close enough attention to the incredible leaps happening in the field. In truth, AI has already started to transform life – and marketing – as we know it
[Business 2 Community, September 9th, 2020]

AI Accountability: Proceed At Your Own Risk

A new report suggests that to improve AI accountability, enterprises should tackle third-party risk head-on
[InformationWeek, September 8th, 2020]

IT News – Server

7 Benefits Of Deploying A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

HCI is more straightforward to manage than legacy alternatives. That means your tech staff can spend less time on mundane chores and focus their attention on more pressing matters
[Network Computing, September 11th, 2020]

Server Hunger Is Stronger Than Economic Uncertainty

The appetite for compute capacity, and presumably also for storage and networking capacity, in the datacenter of the world might be waning in some sectors of the economy, but thanks to the voracious hunger of the hyperscalers and cloud builders and more than a few large enterprises that need to do more, not less, computing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, server sales are now consistently at the levels we saw way back in the Dot-Com Boom more than twenty years ago.
[The Next Platform, September 10th, 2020]

Reduce Your Server Response Time For Happy Users, Higher Rankings

Server response time is often overlooked when it comes to improving page speed
[Business 2 Community, September 11th, 2020]

IT News – CRM

Part 1: Audit Your B2B CRM For A New Lead On Sales

Most of us practice some sort of annual-cleaning ritual. We reorganize by cleaning out closets, drawers and garages to bring some order back to our homes and our lives
[Business 2 Community, September 9th, 2020]

IT News – Cloud

The 8 Best Cloud Security Certifications For IT Pros In 2020

Certifications can help security pros prove their baseline knowledge of infosec topics. Consider adding these top cloud security certifications to your arsenal
[SearchCloudSecurity, September 8th, 2020]

IT News – Linux

Best Linux Distro For Privacy And Security In 2020

The top privacy and penetration testing distros
[, September 7th, 2020]

IT News – BI

6 Ways Business Intelligence Makes Better CFOs

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has an increasingly important role within any company
[Business 2 Community, September 7th, 2020]

IT News – HR

The Top 15 Interview Questions To Ask Job Candidates

It’s time to fill that vacancy on your team and the pressure is on to find a job candidate who has all the skills and professional experience you need. But can you determine that from just an interview?
[Robert Half, September 7th, 2020]

IT News – DevOps

3 Ways To Tackle The Operations Complexity Of DevOps

DevOps is challenging, some of its complexity requires a platform that is both SaaS and managed environments, running on top of several cloud providers and potentially on-premises as well. Is there a platform that connects applications and systems while supporting enterprises as they accelerate their digital transformation efforts?
[, September 9th, 2020]

IT News – ERP

Top Change Management Tips For ERP Implementation Success

Not taking change management seriously is a surefire road to ERP implementation failure. Learn how CIOs and other leaders can do it right and boost the likelihood of success
[SearchERP, September 11th, 2020]

IT News – Technology

Compare 7 Desktop-As-A-Service Providers

When it comes to choosing a DaaS provider, organizations may get overwhelmed by the options. Compare the features and capabilities of 7 major vendors to determine the best fit
[SearchVirtualDesktop, September 9th, 2020]

IT News – Database

Best Enterprise Database Software & Systems For 2020

If you’re looking for a system to store your company’s data on-premises or in the cloud, chances are you’ll be considering at least one of these top enterprise database software solutions
[ServerWatch, September 10th, 2020]

Enterprise IT Vendor News (Sept 21st.)

From Volume 270 Issue 3

Each week I select 60-90 items from mainstream IT publications and publish them on the website for “IT News and Events.

I also select press releases from various mainstream IT vendors and certain blog articles. In this issue the vendors are: DDN, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Cisco, RSA, Datacore, Veeam, Red Hat, Nutanix, Recorded Future, Fortinet, IBM, Dell, NVIDIA, Citrix, Lenovo, HP, and VMware.

DDN News

DDN Discusses Removing Risk In AI Infrastructure And Optimizing Operations In Financial Services

DDN Featured Speakers in HPC + AI Wall Street Conference, Live Virtual Panel and NVIDIA/DDN-Sponsored Webinar
[DDN News, September 14th, 2020]

Oracle News

Mccoll’s Pivots During Crisis To Serve Vulnerable Customers With Oracle

Oracle Retail Consulting Partners with Leading Retailer
[Oracle News, September 17th, 2020]

Oracle Helps Customer Service Teams Embrace Change

Over the past few years, customer service organizations have undergone significant changes to meet evolving customer expectations, and the events of this year have understandably accelerated many of those trends
[Oracle News, September 17th, 2020]

Oracle Expands Government Cloud With National Security Regions For US Intelligence Community

Delivers Oracle’s high performance Gen 2 Cloud platform with enhanced security for classified workloads
[Oracle News, September 16th, 2020]

Oracle Cloud Recognized By Industry Experts

IDC scored Oracle Cloud Infrastructure high on customer satisfaction
[Oracle News, September 16th, 2020]

Xactly Selects Oracle As Its Preferred Cloud Infrastructure Provider To Drive Continuous Innovation

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s exceptional price-performance to power Xactly’s global expansion
[Oracle News, September 15th, 2020]

Oracle Announces Java 15

Java 15 adds new features to improve developer productivity and security, including an Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (JEP 339) and Hidden Classes (JEP 371)
[Oracle News, September 15th, 2020]

Oracle Cloud Guard And Oracle Maximum Security Zones Now Available

Pre-built tools automate threat response and quickly and efficiently reduce customers’ cloud security risk at no additional cost
[Oracle News, September 14th, 2020]

Microsoft News

Nuance And Microsoft Announce The Integration Of Dragon Ambient Experience And Microsoft Teams For Virtual Telehealth Consults

AI-powered ambient clinical intelligence accelerates the adoption of telehealth workflow solutions to improve patient experiences and health outcomes while reducing physician burnout
[Microsoft News, September 15th, 2020]

BP And Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership To Drive Digital Energy Innovation And Advance Net Zero Goals

The companies intend to work together to develop new technology innovations and digital solutions to help meet their sustainability aims, including reducing energy use and carbon emissions
[Microsoft News, September 15th, 2020]

Dell EMC News

Dell EMC Objectscale Early Access On VMware Cloud Foundation

The next phase of object evolution: VMware, containers, and Kubernetes
[Dell EMC News, September 15th, 2020]

5G: Where We Are And Where We’re Heading

In the last few months, we have seen society’s embrace of technology accelerate dramatically
[Dell EMC News, September 14th, 2020]

Pedal To The Metal With VMware Tanzu

How Dell EMC is Accelerating the Adoption of Tanzu with PowerProtect Data Manager
[Dell EMC News, September 15th, 2020]

VxRail: Kubernetes At The Speed Of Cloud

Dell Technologies and VMware are dedicated to delivering tightly integrated products that help our customers get the most value out of their IT infrastructure investments, and today is the latest example of that commitment
[Dell EMC News, September 15th, 2020]

Cisco News

Cisco Celebrates Sale Of 100 Millionth Phone With Contest To Update Beloved Hold Music

Members of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live’s band, Cleto and the Cletones, along with Guillermo, announced a contest to temporarily replace Cisco hold music
[Cisco News, September 16th, 2020]

Digital Divide’s Massive Problem

It’s a story you might have seen on the news recently-two young girls, sitting outside of a Taco Bell, trying to access the spot’s free Wi-Fi to complete their homework
[Cisco News, September 15th, 2020]

The Network Week In Review: Sept 14 – Sept 18

This week we celebrate the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, we learn how Cisco is innovating with the U.S. Open, and we explore the realities of the digital divide across the world. See below to learn all about it and read more stories!
[Cisco News, September 17th, 2020]

RSA News

Security Is No Longer A Binary Decision

IT security has evolved from being a completely binary operation to taking a more nuanced approach
[RSA News, September 16th, 2020]

Tabletop Exercises Build Resilience And Confidence For Future Elections

The challenges our industry faces are almost too numerous to count
[RSA News, September 17th, 2020]

Datacore News

Storage Magic: 3 Spells To Becoming The Greatest IT Wizard

One man’s magic is another man’s engineering. Read on to learn how you can engineer magic
[Datacore News, September 14th, 2020]

Veeam News

Rabobank Chooses Veeam For Enterprise Scalability

Fortune 500 company protects 3 petabytes of data across 12,500 virtual machines
[Veeam News, September 14th, 2020]

Red Hat News

Using KVM To Simulate Numa Configurations For OpenStack

Very few of us are able to have an OpenStack lab in addition to the various production environments that we run
[Red Hat News, September 16th, 2020]

Managing The Security Of Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Environment With Red Hat Insights

When it comes to managing security risks, enterprises face an increasing number of challenges
[Red Hat News, September 17th, 2020]

Supporting The Touchless Banking Customer Experience

The banking industry is no stranger to transformation, albeit every institution has its own pace and investment strategy for digital transformation. What cannot be denied however, is that the new normal post-COVID-19 will have an even larger reliance on digital technology while creating a “touchless customer experience.”
[Red Hat News, September 18th, 2020]

Friday Five – September 18, 2020

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week’s top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye
[Red Hat News, September 18th, 2020]

IDC Paper Highlights The Business Value Of Red Hat Software Certifications

Software development can be a key differentiator for organizations seeking faster and more agile business models, but it’s no secret that the development, sale, and support of software can be costly
[Red Hat News, September 16th, 2020]

Achievement Unlocked: How We Revamped The Red Hat Learning Subscription Dashboard

The final destination of a journey is what usually has the most focus, but it’s also important to understand the steps it took to arrive there. This certainly holds true for learning, especially as you work to achieve something as big as a Red Hat certification.
[Red Hat News, September 15th, 2020]

Nutanix News

From Reducing RPO Times, to all Things Kubernetes, to NVMe ‘showing you where you suck’ : An IT Tech Podcast Just For You

You may have previously kept your podcast listening confined to morning and evening commute hours in the car or on public transportation, but as we’ve progressed through pandemic times, podcast listenership that had initially slumped is on the rise again
[Nutanix News, September 17th, 2020]

Building The Channel Of Tomorrow: .Next Recap

Every year Nutanix partners have gathered at our Partner Xchange at .NEXT to learn, connect, and experience the future of Enterprise Cloud
[Nutanix News, September 17th, 2020]

Italy’s Gruppo Policlinico Di Monza Healthcare System Chooses Nutanix

Nutanix Allows Hospital to Focus More on Patients and Less on IT in the Age of COVID-19
[Nutanix News, September 16th, 2020]

Recorded Future News

Elite Threat Intelligence That Disrupts Adversaries

Industry analysts have characterized threat intelligence as evidence-based, actionable assessments about existing or emerging threats
[Recorded Future News, September 15th, 2020]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Third-Party Risk

From lawyers, to marketing agencies, to office supply providers, your organization relies on third parties to keep the business in business. While critical to continued success, every vendor introduces risk to your organization
[Recorded Future News, September 16th, 2020]

Recorded Future Solves Todays Security Challenges With Intelligence

Elite Platform Delivers Single Authoritative Source of Intelligence for Enterprise Security
[Recorded Future News, September 15th, 2020]

How To Patch The Vulnerabilities That Really Matter To Your Organization

Vulnerability management is a lot like playing whack-a-mole. Every time you patch one vulnerability, two new ones pop up in its place. And threat actors only need one opportunity to get inside your network and cause devastating harm
[Recorded Future News, September 17th, 2020]

Fortinet News

Customers Across Industries Simplify And Secure Branch Networks

As organizations expand their footprints in branches, stores, home offices, and a variety of other locations, they are evolving the way they manage and secure their distributed network infrastructure
[Fortinet News, September 17th, 2020]

Think Outside The Box When Managing A Remote Workforce

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations had already begun the shift toward telework
[Fortinet News, September 18th, 2020]

How Fortisoar Benefits Partner SOC Operations

The expanding digital attack surface is making it increasingly difficult for organizations to proactively manage their network security
[Fortinet News, September 16th, 2020]

Bridging The Skills Gap For Successful DevSecOps

This is a summary of an article written for by Lior Cohen, Senior Director of Products and Solutions for Cloud Security at Fortinet
[Fortinet News, September 15th, 2020]

IBM News

IBM Establishes First Quantum Education And Research Initiative For Historically Black Colleges And Universities

Quantum Center part of broader HBCU investment, including additional $100M in Skills Academy technology, assets, resources and skills development
[IBM News, September 17th, 2020]

IBM Watson Assistant Can Help States Deliver Critical Voting Information To Citizens

Idaho Secretary of State’s Office has adopted IBM Watson Assistant to help nearly 1 million voters ahead of 2020 general elections
[IBM News, September 17th, 2020]

IBM Joins Forces With Nielsen Global Consumer Business To Expand Data Targeting Offerings For Marketers

AI-Enabled Targeting Solution Combines Weather Intelligence, Location and Point-of-Sale Data to Create Actionable Insights for Marketers
[IBM News, September 14th, 2020]

Mayflower Autonomous Ship Launches

Robot research ship from ProMare and IBM takes to sea; New Mission Portal features Artie – a seven-armed octopus chatbot
[IBM News, September 15th, 2020]

Dell News

Easing The Transition To New Ways Of Working

From medical equipment to groceries, technology is helping businesses make new ways of working a reality
[Dell News, September 15th, 2020]


Top Healthcare Innovators Share AI Developments At GTC

Global event brings over 120 live and on-demand healthcare talks together in one place
[NVIDIA News, September 18th, 2020]

NVIDIA To Acquire Arm For $40 Billion, Creating World’S Premier Computing Company For The Age Of AI

Unites NVIDIA’s leadership in artificial intelligence with Arm’s vast computing ecosystem to drive innovation for all customers
[NVIDIA News, September 14th, 2020]

NVIDIA And Arm To Create World-Class AI Research Center In Cambridge

Hosting an Arm-based supercomputer, the facility is to serve as a hub for collaboration by AI researchers, scientists and startups across the U.K. and the world
[NVIDIA News, September 14th, 2020]

Citrix News

Bringing Desktops As A Service To Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of Citrix Managed Desktops, we have seen many customers embrace the simplicity and speed that desktops as a service (DaaS) offers their business
[Citrix News, September 18th, 2020]

Citrix Rethinks Employee Experience To Advance New World Of Work

Company leverages digital workspace technology to give employees the space to succeed and embrace new work models
[Citrix News, September 15th, 2020]

The New Citrix Is Here

Our reimagined brand celebrates what’s possible when people have the space they need to do their best work.
[Citrix News, September 15th, 2020]

Lenovo News

Lenovo And Google Cloud Partner To Deliver The Ultimate Collaboration Experience For Google Meet

Google Meet hardware Series One room kits from Lenovo deliver easy to deploy turnkey solutions available for small, medium and large meeting rooms
[Lenovo News, September 15th, 2020]

HP News

Innovation Takes Virtual Center Stage At Annual HP Reinvent Partner Event

Supporting partner business opportunities from virtual selling and growth through digital to the subscription economy, the future of work and education; introduces first partner sustainable impact and racial and gender equality programs
[HP News, September 16th, 2020]

VMware News

VMware Unlocks The Power Of Kubernetes For 70 Million-Plus Workloads Running On vSphere

New VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu Brings Kubernetes to the Fingertips of Millions of IT Administrators
[VMware News, September 15th, 2020]

Julie Kantor News

Want To Drive More Diversity? We Can Take Immediate Action

Want more diversity, let’s explore mentor and sponsoring more diversely. This video is a direct plea from and calls to action to impact change. Human connection is paramount. Let’s really discuss the issues and opportunities to impact change
[Julie Kantor, September 15th, 2020]

Kelly Merbler News

Your Inspirational Barista Can’t Wait To Meet You!

I remember the exact day – March 12, 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown had begun in Florida and my business was effectively pushed into a neutral position
[Kelly Merbler News, September 15th, 2020]

IT News: Networks, PM, DR, Server, Backup, Big Data,… (Sept. 21st)

Volume 270 Issue 3

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Encrypted Traffic Inference: An Alternative To Enterprise Network Traffic Decryption

Encrypted Traffic Inference: An Alternative to Enterprise Network Traffic Decryption Finding threats in encrypted inbound network traffic is complex and expensive for enterprises, but a fascinating new approach could eliminate the need for decryption
[Dark Reading, September 15th, 2020]

VPN Usage Now Makes Up Almost All Enterprise Traffic

Organisations need to make sure their VPN services are secure
[, September 14th, 2020]

Choosing A VPN: The First Step Toward Protecting Privacy

Keeping safe and secure online
[, September 16th, 2020]


Project Management: Four Ways CTOs Can Make A Difference

From technical knowledge to department-building and goal-setting, here’s the skills you need to hone if you want to become a great CTO with a highly effective team
[ZDNet, September 17th, 2020]

A Project Manager’s Short Guide To Effective Problem-Solving In 6 Steps

For project managers and business analysts, effective problem-solving remains an ever-important soft skill that requires you to combine creative thinking and strong analytical skills
[Project Smart, September 19th, 2020]


How To Build A Disaster Recovery Plan: 7 Tips

When the unexpected happens, will your critical systems be prepared? Here’s what to consider while building a disaster recovery plan
[The Enterprisers Project, September 18th, 2020]

Rethinking Resilience: Tips For Your Disaster Recovery Plan

As more organizations face disruptions, a defined approach to recovery is imperative so they can successfully recover, experts say.
[Dark Reading, September 15th, 2020]


IDC Reports Jump In Server Sales, Decline In Storage Revenue

On the surface it would seem contradictory for one market to rise and another to fall, but there is a pattern here
[Networldworld, September 16th, 2020]

Worldwide Converged Systems Market Declines 4.5% Year Over Year During The Second Quarter Of 2020, According To IDC

Worldwide converged systems market revenue decreased 4.5% year over year to $3.9 billion during the second quarter of 2020 (2Q20)
[IDC, September 14th, 2020]


5 Tips For Remote Backup Systems To Strengthen Your Defense

There are lots of options for remote backup. Take the time to evaluate your needs in the age of remote work and construct your backup platform wisely
[SearchDataBackup, September 17th, 2020]

Top 5 SME AWS Cloud Backup Solutions

Arcserve UDP, Arpio, Cobalt Iron Compass, Druva CloudRanger IBM Spectrum Protect Plus in alphabetic order
[StorageNewsletter, September 17th, 2020]

Big Data

6 Big Data Blunders Businesses Should Avoid

Had Hergee been into businesses, this article would have been a point of interest to him. And he could have avoided the Big Data errors in his ‘Tintin’ enterprise
[TheNextWeb, September 18th, 2020]

The Big Data Boom

Business leaders today often refer to the growing demand for Big Data as the new oil boom. In truth, right now data may be more valuable than black gold, especially to marketers
[Business 2 Community, September 14th, 2020]

Unpopular Opinion – Data Scientists Should Be More End-To-End

Can a do-it-all Data Scientist really be more effective at delivering new value from data? While it might sound exhausting, important efficiencies can exist that might bring better value to the business even faster
[Kdnuggets, September 17th, 2020]


Oracle Announces Java 15

Java 15 adds new features to improve developer productivity and security, including an Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (JEP 339) and Hidden Classes (JEP 371)
[AiTHORITY, September 16th, 2020]


Rethink Your Relationship With CRM: Why Your CRM Might Fail And How To Fix It

During a crisis, companies are understandably selective about the tools they use. They don’t want to spend a penny on the tools that don’t pay off. Still, they realize that customer-centricity should be at the core of their business, fostering personalization, and driving loyalty and business growth
[Business 2 Community, September 16th, 2020]


Explore Cloud Computing’s Effect On Application Development

AWS and cloud computing changed the way organizations build and run applications. Explore why that happened and see what to expect in the future as more businesses jump on board
[SearchCloudComputing, September 15th, 2020]

PeopleTek News

Colleagues You Want Around

Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat people – your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way – Barbara Bush
[Oracle News, September 14th, 2020]


Emerging Countries Will Adopt 5G Faster Than Expected

Emerging markets have always been behind developed countries in adopting the latest generation mobile networks, with a few exceptions
[HelpNet Security, September 14th, 2020]


8 Top Open Source Intelligence Tools

Find sensitive public info before the bad guys do
[CSO Online, September 15th, 2020]


What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), And How Is It Different From 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, has been around for a while. It usually refers to using an SMS code as an additional step for logging in to your account. However, the term has been being replaced by ‘Multi-Factor Authentication.’ What’s the difference?
[Cloud Savvy IT, September 14th, 2020]


Security, Interoperability Hinder Agency Iot Adoption

In a survey of how federal agencies use the internet of things, the Government Accountability Office found that while IoT technologies offer a number of benefits, security and implementation challenges remain
[GCN, September 16th, 2020]


Top Five Ways To Benefit From Tape Today

We look at the benefits that tape can bring, including in backup and recovery, long-term and ‘warm’ archiving, compliance and WORM use cases and ‘air gapping’ to protect data
[ComputerWeekly, September 17th, 2020]