How to buy the service

When you click on the Sign Up below, you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Everyone gets charged for the “Newsletter As A Service” content for $100/month. You will see that as a “Yes” under included.

You have to check the box under “Included” to include a line item then set the # of those items.

There is a now an option to purchase a Named Section. Your named section can appear in the newsletter every week (select 4), every other week (select 1) or once per month (select 1). Note: 4 months of the year have 5 weeks. In those months, if you have selected Quantity of 4, your named section will appear 5 times.

In this example, the Included box is checked for Estimated Number of Subscribers and the box is filled in with the estimate of 500:

  1. If there is an issue with the default IP address, you will not be impacted
  2. You can add the dedicated IP to your DNS records as an approve sender (SPF)

If you use our service to deliver the newsletter, we charge monthly based on the number of subscribers in steps:

  • $20: 0 to 500
  • $45: 501 to 2,500
  • $65: 2,501 to 5,000
  • $95: 5,000+

Enter your estimate of the number of subscribers and the form will pick the correct fee.  If your subscriber count change, the system will make the appropriate change to the billing.

We can make the newsletter appear as a sub-domain of your company’s main domain name. That’s called a microsite.

Team Edition included the microsite and supports a team of people from the same firm. Team members can transfer subscribers to other team members. The Team Leader can submit articles to be included in the newsletters of all the team members.

Each team member needs a sender account. Note the cost of the “Newsletter As A Service” content and the total number of subscribers is shared for all the senders.

If the newsletter service is for a single person, they, too will need a sender account.

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