FAQs – Reader Plan

Where do the articles come from?

We scan a couple of hundred web sites with thousands of articles. Typically, those web sites are for IT professionals. We select articles of value and avoid articles that are political, timely, too specialized, or product or vendor specific.

Can I share my newsletter?

No. The links in the newsletter we send to you include your id and password so that you can be automatically logged in.

Can I customize my newsletter?

Yes. We publish articles in dozens of sections. Each subscribers can choose which sections are included in their copy of the newsletter

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. The Reader plan is on a month-to-month basis. We bill at the start of the month, so if you must cancel, do so before the end of the month so that you don’t get billed for the next month.

FAQs – Individual Plan

What if I pick the wrong plan? 

No problem. You can switch plans at any time. Pick the plan that seems like the best fit and try it on. You can always change your mind.

Are there contracts or commitments? 

No, the plans are month-to-month.

Do you provide contacts or do I?

No. We provide a web tool to allow you to add your contacts. There are three ways to do that:

  1. add people one at a time
  2. create and upload a spreadsheet of contacts
  3. direct potential subscribers to a web subscription form (either a personal or a team subscription form)

You own your own contacts and we do nothing with them expect build and send the newsletter to them each week.

We recommend that you add one contact that is not obviously you, with an email address that you can access. You can check that the only message send to that address are the weekly newsletter being sent from your address. “Trust but Verify”

Can I list or download my contacts?

Yes. You can use our web tool to list your contacts, search through them and download them in a spreadsheet format

FAQs – Team Plan

Is there a subscription form for new contacts to sign up as a subscriber?

Yes. It’s a double opt-in form. i.e. after filling in the subscription form, the new subscribers has to click on a link that is sent to them by email. The new subscriber will be associated with a default Team Member.

How do I move contacts between team members?

Any team member can transfer one or more of their contacts to another team member.

On the Team Plan, one or more team members have a privileged role. One person with that role will be the default Team Member for new subscribers who come in via the web form.

People with the privileged role can “become” another team member and then move that team members contacts to another team member.


  • 1 sales rep with under 500 contacts: $100 (content) + $20  (account) + $20 (subscriber)
    • $140 per month
  • 3 sales rep with a total of 1,500 contacts: $100 (content) + $60  (account) + $45 (subscriber)
    • $205 (~$70 per rep per month)
  • 6 sales rep with a total of 4,000 contacts: $100 (content) + $120  (account) + $65 (subscriber)
    • $285 (~$50 per rep per month)

FAQs – Managed IT Newsletter Service

How do you charge for the Managed IT Newsletter Plan?

  • This is an add-on to the Team Plan
  • $100/month for the weekly service
    • copy last week’s campaign (newsletter) to this week’s
    • replace last week’s content with this week’s
    • notify customer and wait 24 hours
    • push button to launch the campaign
  • Option: you can add a microsite for $20/month
    • Sending will be disabled
    • A MailChimp subscription form will replace the standard form,

There is a no-cost MailChimp Forever Free plan that allows you up to 2,000 subscribers