MailChimp – Forever Free?

If you want to send newsletters and other marketing messages to your customers and prospects, then MailChimp is a very popular tool well worth considering.

MailChimp is even more appealing if you can leverage their Forever Free Plan.

That plan allows you to send 12,000 total emails per month and have up to 2,000 total subscribers across all lists in the account. That means you have a weekly newsletter.

In addition to producing turn-key newsletters with our own software, IT News and Events (ITNE) has a Content Service that works with MailChimp.

Included in that service:

  • Joint development of Newsletter Layout
  • Weekly setup, review and send

Joint development of Newsletter Layout

ITNE will work with you to select a template and customize it to make it your firm template. We can produce our content in several formats and you can choose the one that your like best.

Weekly setup, review and send

Each week, ITNE will copy last week’s newsletter and replace last week’s news with this week’s.

You will have 24 hours to make changes.

After 24 hours, on our agreed schedule, ITNE will “push the button” to send the newsletter to your contact from your address in your MailChimp account.

Tracking and Responses

Each send of a weekly newsletter is considered a “campaign”. At any time, you can login to your MailChimp account a review the performance of campaign. You can see who

  • opened the newsletter
  • what links they clicked on

Your standard newsletter template should include calls to action by phone and email.

Additional Campaigns

You can use the standard features of MailChimp to create additional campaigns which you can send to all or some of the same people who receive your IT newsletter.


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