Enterprise IT Vendor News (Sept 21st.)

From Volume 270 Issue 3

Each week I select 60-90 items from mainstream IT publications and publish them on the website for “IT News and Events.

I also select press releases from various mainstream IT vendors and certain blog articles. In this issue the vendors are: DDN, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Cisco, RSA, Datacore, Veeam, Red Hat, Nutanix, Recorded Future, Fortinet, IBM, Dell, NVIDIA, Citrix, Lenovo, HP, and VMware.

DDN News

DDN Discusses Removing Risk In AI Infrastructure And Optimizing Operations In Financial Services

DDN Featured Speakers in HPC + AI Wall Street Conference, Live Virtual Panel and NVIDIA/DDN-Sponsored Webinar
[DDN News, September 14th, 2020]

Oracle News

Mccoll’s Pivots During Crisis To Serve Vulnerable Customers With Oracle

Oracle Retail Consulting Partners with Leading Retailer
[Oracle News, September 17th, 2020]

Oracle Helps Customer Service Teams Embrace Change

Over the past few years, customer service organizations have undergone significant changes to meet evolving customer expectations, and the events of this year have understandably accelerated many of those trends
[Oracle News, September 17th, 2020]

Oracle Expands Government Cloud With National Security Regions For US Intelligence Community

Delivers Oracle’s high performance Gen 2 Cloud platform with enhanced security for classified workloads
[Oracle News, September 16th, 2020]

Oracle Cloud Recognized By Industry Experts

IDC scored Oracle Cloud Infrastructure high on customer satisfaction
[Oracle News, September 16th, 2020]

Xactly Selects Oracle As Its Preferred Cloud Infrastructure Provider To Drive Continuous Innovation

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s exceptional price-performance to power Xactly’s global expansion
[Oracle News, September 15th, 2020]

Oracle Announces Java 15

Java 15 adds new features to improve developer productivity and security, including an Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (JEP 339) and Hidden Classes (JEP 371)
[Oracle News, September 15th, 2020]

Oracle Cloud Guard And Oracle Maximum Security Zones Now Available

Pre-built tools automate threat response and quickly and efficiently reduce customers’ cloud security risk at no additional cost
[Oracle News, September 14th, 2020]

Microsoft News

Nuance And Microsoft Announce The Integration Of Dragon Ambient Experience And Microsoft Teams For Virtual Telehealth Consults

AI-powered ambient clinical intelligence accelerates the adoption of telehealth workflow solutions to improve patient experiences and health outcomes while reducing physician burnout
[Microsoft News, September 15th, 2020]

BP And Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership To Drive Digital Energy Innovation And Advance Net Zero Goals

The companies intend to work together to develop new technology innovations and digital solutions to help meet their sustainability aims, including reducing energy use and carbon emissions
[Microsoft News, September 15th, 2020]

Dell EMC News

Dell EMC Objectscale Early Access On VMware Cloud Foundation

The next phase of object evolution: VMware, containers, and Kubernetes
[Dell EMC News, September 15th, 2020]

5G: Where We Are And Where We’re Heading

In the last few months, we have seen society’s embrace of technology accelerate dramatically
[Dell EMC News, September 14th, 2020]

Pedal To The Metal With VMware Tanzu

How Dell EMC is Accelerating the Adoption of Tanzu with PowerProtect Data Manager
[Dell EMC News, September 15th, 2020]

VxRail: Kubernetes At The Speed Of Cloud

Dell Technologies and VMware are dedicated to delivering tightly integrated products that help our customers get the most value out of their IT infrastructure investments, and today is the latest example of that commitment
[Dell EMC News, September 15th, 2020]

Cisco News

Cisco Celebrates Sale Of 100 Millionth Phone With Contest To Update Beloved Hold Music

Members of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live’s band, Cleto and the Cletones, along with Guillermo, announced a contest to temporarily replace Cisco hold music
[Cisco News, September 16th, 2020]

Digital Divide’s Massive Problem

It’s a story you might have seen on the news recently-two young girls, sitting outside of a Taco Bell, trying to access the spot’s free Wi-Fi to complete their homework
[Cisco News, September 15th, 2020]

The Network Week In Review: Sept 14 – Sept 18

This week we celebrate the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, we learn how Cisco is innovating with the U.S. Open, and we explore the realities of the digital divide across the world. See below to learn all about it and read more stories!
[Cisco News, September 17th, 2020]

RSA News

Security Is No Longer A Binary Decision

IT security has evolved from being a completely binary operation to taking a more nuanced approach
[RSA News, September 16th, 2020]

Tabletop Exercises Build Resilience And Confidence For Future Elections

The challenges our industry faces are almost too numerous to count
[RSA News, September 17th, 2020]

Datacore News

Storage Magic: 3 Spells To Becoming The Greatest IT Wizard

One man’s magic is another man’s engineering. Read on to learn how you can engineer magic
[Datacore News, September 14th, 2020]

Veeam News

Rabobank Chooses Veeam For Enterprise Scalability

Fortune 500 company protects 3 petabytes of data across 12,500 virtual machines
[Veeam News, September 14th, 2020]

Red Hat News

Using KVM To Simulate Numa Configurations For OpenStack

Very few of us are able to have an OpenStack lab in addition to the various production environments that we run
[Red Hat News, September 16th, 2020]

Managing The Security Of Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Environment With Red Hat Insights

When it comes to managing security risks, enterprises face an increasing number of challenges
[Red Hat News, September 17th, 2020]

Supporting The Touchless Banking Customer Experience

The banking industry is no stranger to transformation, albeit every institution has its own pace and investment strategy for digital transformation. What cannot be denied however, is that the new normal post-COVID-19 will have an even larger reliance on digital technology while creating a “touchless customer experience.”
[Red Hat News, September 18th, 2020]

Friday Five – September 18, 2020

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week’s top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye
[Red Hat News, September 18th, 2020]

IDC Paper Highlights The Business Value Of Red Hat Software Certifications

Software development can be a key differentiator for organizations seeking faster and more agile business models, but it’s no secret that the development, sale, and support of software can be costly
[Red Hat News, September 16th, 2020]

Achievement Unlocked: How We Revamped The Red Hat Learning Subscription Dashboard

The final destination of a journey is what usually has the most focus, but it’s also important to understand the steps it took to arrive there. This certainly holds true for learning, especially as you work to achieve something as big as a Red Hat certification.
[Red Hat News, September 15th, 2020]

Nutanix News

From Reducing RPO Times, to all Things Kubernetes, to NVMe ‘showing you where you suck’ : An IT Tech Podcast Just For You

You may have previously kept your podcast listening confined to morning and evening commute hours in the car or on public transportation, but as we’ve progressed through pandemic times, podcast listenership that had initially slumped is on the rise again
[Nutanix News, September 17th, 2020]

Building The Channel Of Tomorrow: .Next Recap

Every year Nutanix partners have gathered at our Partner Xchange at .NEXT to learn, connect, and experience the future of Enterprise Cloud
[Nutanix News, September 17th, 2020]

Italy’s Gruppo Policlinico Di Monza Healthcare System Chooses Nutanix

Nutanix Allows Hospital to Focus More on Patients and Less on IT in the Age of COVID-19
[Nutanix News, September 16th, 2020]

Recorded Future News

Elite Threat Intelligence That Disrupts Adversaries

Industry analysts have characterized threat intelligence as evidence-based, actionable assessments about existing or emerging threats
[Recorded Future News, September 15th, 2020]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Third-Party Risk

From lawyers, to marketing agencies, to office supply providers, your organization relies on third parties to keep the business in business. While critical to continued success, every vendor introduces risk to your organization
[Recorded Future News, September 16th, 2020]

Recorded Future Solves Todays Security Challenges With Intelligence

Elite Platform Delivers Single Authoritative Source of Intelligence for Enterprise Security
[Recorded Future News, September 15th, 2020]

How To Patch The Vulnerabilities That Really Matter To Your Organization

Vulnerability management is a lot like playing whack-a-mole. Every time you patch one vulnerability, two new ones pop up in its place. And threat actors only need one opportunity to get inside your network and cause devastating harm
[Recorded Future News, September 17th, 2020]

Fortinet News

Customers Across Industries Simplify And Secure Branch Networks

As organizations expand their footprints in branches, stores, home offices, and a variety of other locations, they are evolving the way they manage and secure their distributed network infrastructure
[Fortinet News, September 17th, 2020]

Think Outside The Box When Managing A Remote Workforce

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations had already begun the shift toward telework
[Fortinet News, September 18th, 2020]

How Fortisoar Benefits Partner SOC Operations

The expanding digital attack surface is making it increasingly difficult for organizations to proactively manage their network security
[Fortinet News, September 16th, 2020]

Bridging The Skills Gap For Successful DevSecOps

This is a summary of an article written for DevOps.com by Lior Cohen, Senior Director of Products and Solutions for Cloud Security at Fortinet
[Fortinet News, September 15th, 2020]

IBM News

IBM Establishes First Quantum Education And Research Initiative For Historically Black Colleges And Universities

Quantum Center part of broader HBCU investment, including additional $100M in Skills Academy technology, assets, resources and skills development
[IBM News, September 17th, 2020]

IBM Watson Assistant Can Help States Deliver Critical Voting Information To Citizens

Idaho Secretary of State’s Office has adopted IBM Watson Assistant to help nearly 1 million voters ahead of 2020 general elections
[IBM News, September 17th, 2020]

IBM Joins Forces With Nielsen Global Consumer Business To Expand Data Targeting Offerings For Marketers

AI-Enabled Targeting Solution Combines Weather Intelligence, Location and Point-of-Sale Data to Create Actionable Insights for Marketers
[IBM News, September 14th, 2020]

Mayflower Autonomous Ship Launches

Robot research ship from ProMare and IBM takes to sea; New Mission Portal features Artie – a seven-armed octopus chatbot
[IBM News, September 15th, 2020]

Dell News

Easing The Transition To New Ways Of Working

From medical equipment to groceries, technology is helping businesses make new ways of working a reality
[Dell News, September 15th, 2020]


Top Healthcare Innovators Share AI Developments At GTC

Global event brings over 120 live and on-demand healthcare talks together in one place
[NVIDIA News, September 18th, 2020]

NVIDIA To Acquire Arm For $40 Billion, Creating World’S Premier Computing Company For The Age Of AI

Unites NVIDIA’s leadership in artificial intelligence with Arm’s vast computing ecosystem to drive innovation for all customers
[NVIDIA News, September 14th, 2020]

NVIDIA And Arm To Create World-Class AI Research Center In Cambridge

Hosting an Arm-based supercomputer, the facility is to serve as a hub for collaboration by AI researchers, scientists and startups across the U.K. and the world
[NVIDIA News, September 14th, 2020]

Citrix News

Bringing Desktops As A Service To Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of Citrix Managed Desktops, we have seen many customers embrace the simplicity and speed that desktops as a service (DaaS) offers their business
[Citrix News, September 18th, 2020]

Citrix Rethinks Employee Experience To Advance New World Of Work

Company leverages digital workspace technology to give employees the space to succeed and embrace new work models
[Citrix News, September 15th, 2020]

The New Citrix Is Here

Our reimagined brand celebrates what’s possible when people have the space they need to do their best work.
[Citrix News, September 15th, 2020]

Lenovo News

Lenovo And Google Cloud Partner To Deliver The Ultimate Collaboration Experience For Google Meet

Google Meet hardware Series One room kits from Lenovo deliver easy to deploy turnkey solutions available for small, medium and large meeting rooms
[Lenovo News, September 15th, 2020]

HP News

Innovation Takes Virtual Center Stage At Annual HP Reinvent Partner Event

Supporting partner business opportunities from virtual selling and growth through digital to the subscription economy, the future of work and education; introduces first partner sustainable impact and racial and gender equality programs
[HP News, September 16th, 2020]

VMware News

VMware Unlocks The Power Of Kubernetes For 70 Million-Plus Workloads Running On vSphere

New VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu Brings Kubernetes to the Fingertips of Millions of IT Administrators
[VMware News, September 15th, 2020]

Julie Kantor News

Want To Drive More Diversity? We Can Take Immediate Action

Want more diversity, let’s explore mentor and sponsoring more diversely. This video is a direct plea from and calls to action to impact change. Human connection is paramount. Let’s really discuss the issues and opportunities to impact change
[Julie Kantor, September 15th, 2020]

Kelly Merbler News

Your Inspirational Barista Can’t Wait To Meet You!

I remember the exact day – March 12, 2020. The COVID-19 lockdown had begun in Florida and my business was effectively pushed into a neutral position
[Kelly Merbler News, September 15th, 2020]

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