When I meet with an IT sales professional, they often will ask for a quick summary of my service – an ‘elevator pitch’.

Most people selling or marketing into the enterprise IT space see the value in having a regular newsletter with valuable content sent to their key contacts. However they know how hard it is to produce a quality newsletter that their contacts will value. It’s a build or buy choice and I can make that an easy ‘buy’ choice! I can provide a team with a turnkey, managed Enterprise IT Newsletter service for about $33/week. For a team of five, I provide additional features, a custom website, and up to 1000 contacts per rep for about $13/week per team member.

I now offer three versions or Editions of my newsletter service:

I talked with an IT recruitment firm and they ask for a brief presentation and demo, so I created a 9 minute video. In the first 6 minutes I explain the program and the last three minutes I demonstrate the experience of a recipient – from reviewing the email to clicking through to the website and customizing the newsletter.

While I do mention some specifics related to recruitment firms, this service is suitable for any IT sales team selling to IT sales professionals.