Personal Rep Edition – $30/month for Weekly IT Newsletter

IT Sales Professionals (“Reps”) generally understand the value of keeping their name and information in front of their customers, prospects and partners on a regular basis. Email newsletters are a great way to do that but there are challenges:

  1. Finding content that will be of value to your contacts
  2. Formatting that content each week in a tool like MailChimp or ConstantContact
  3. Managing subscribers
  4. Following these steps every week

Rather than doing all that work, we suggest that Reps use our IT Newsletter As A Service.

Buy vs. Build.

IT News and Events produces a weekly email newsletter for enterprise IT professionals. We curate about 80 items each week from a wide variety of professional IT publications (such as CIO, CSO Online, HelpNet Security, The Enterprisers Project, insideBIGDATA, SearchSecurity,…). We include those articles in a newsletter which is sent to our 30k+ subscribers.

We track which articles are clicked on and we pick the 20 to 25 most clicked on articles (“crowd selected”) to become the basis of our IT Newsletter as A Service.

The selected articles are placed into named sections. The newsletter is built from those core sections. Not every section has articles every week. Here is the current list of sections:

AI, Backup, BI, Big Data, Bitcoin, Blockchain, BYOD, Careers, Cloud, Compliance, CRM, CxO, Database, Developer, DevOps, DR, Email, Encryption, ERP, FOSS, HPC, HR, Humor, IoT, Java, Linux, Mobile, Networks, Operations, PM, Risk, Security, Server, Social Media, Storage, Tape, Technology, Virtualization, Wireless

Subscribers will receive a weekly email from the email address of the sales rep who has them as a subscriber.

People can become subscribers of an individual Rep:

  1. because the Rep added them through our web tool or
  2. by filling in a registration form provided to them by the Rep

Each subscriber has a profile which they can modify. A link to manage that profile is included in every newsletter sent to them. That link will log them in to their profile automatically, therefore they should not share their newsletter. Similarly, a link to unsubscribe is also included in every newsletter.

Subscribers can opt-out of specific sections in their profile or by clicking on the “turn this section off” or “disable” links in the sections they don’t want.

The subscriber’s profile is used to deliver a tailored newsletter and web site experience. If a subscriber disables or opt-out of a specific section, then they will not see it.

The Personal Rep Edition includes:

  • delivery of weekly Enterprise IT Newsletter to Rep’s contacts
  • web tool for managing contacts
  • a unique URL with
    • web version of articles with links to source material
    • registration form
    • archives
    • profile management
  • per Rep banner with picture, logo and contact information for newsletter and website
  • up to 250 subscribers included (add $25 for 2500 more)
  • optional service to upload a spreadsheet of subscribers
  • optional service to scan business cards into a spreadsheet that can be uploaded
  • no contract – month-to-month service
  • $30 per month


Sign up buy this service for $30 per month here

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