IT News: CxO (Aug. 31st)

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


CIO Role: 8 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed IT Forever

The CIO’s place as a cross-functional business leader has crystallized during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some other ways the role is evolving, according to CIOs
[The Enterprisers Project, August 26th, 2020]

5 Conversations CIOs Must Have To Advance Digital Business

CEOs are turning to CIOs to lead digital business efforts, but success depends on your ability to inspire, empower, and engage other business leaders. These are the conversations you need to be having
[CIO, August 26th, 2020]

A New IT Landscape Empowers The CIO To Mix And Match

IT has always had an outsized influence on which technologies are adopted by organizations large and small. Now cloud giants are rolling up customers into big suites that are easy to manage just as the obstacles that prevented best-of-breed drop away
[ZDNet, August 27th, 2020]

How CISOs Can Play A New Role In Defining The Future Of Work

Rather than just reacting to security issues in the COVID-19 era, CISOs are now in a position to be change agents alongside their C-suite peers
[Dark Reading, August 27th, 2020]

5 Critical IT Roles For Rapid Digital Transformation

As some organizations look to transform faster than anticipated, putting critical tech roles in place will be the key to a smooth, successful journey
[InformationWeek, August 28th, 2020]

It’s Never The Data Breach – It’s Always The Cover-Up

The felony charges levied against former Uber CSO paints him as actively masterminding and executing a plan to cover up a major data breach. This serves as a reminder that CSOs and CISOs must consider how decisions made in the moment can be interpreted, construed, or proven to be criminal after the fact
[ZDNet, August 28th, 2020]

CIO Interview: Steve Otto, Chief Technology Officer, The R&A

When the coronavirus pandemic caused The Open to be cancelled, The R&A’s tech team took the UK’s flagship golf tournament online
[ComputerWeekly, August 26th, 2020]

How To Ensure CIO And CMO Alignment When Making Technology Investment Decisions

Pieter Brinkman, senior director technical marketing at Sitecore, explores how to ensure CIO and CMO alignment when making technology investment decisions
[InformationAge, August 24th, 2020]

Redefining What CISO Success Looks Like

Key to this new definition is the principle that security programs are designed to minimize business risk, not to achieve 100% no-risk
[Dark Reading, August 28th, 2020]

A Frictionless Customer Experience:
Modern Customer Identity and Access Management

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