IT News: Security (Aug. 31st)

Volume 269 Issue 4 Posted Aug. 31st

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Deep Fake: Setting The Stage For Next-Gen Social Engineering

Humans are susceptible to normalcy bias, which may leave us vulnerable to disinformation that reinforces our beliefs
[Dark Reading, August 26th, 2020]

The 7 Elements Of An Enterprise Cybersecurity Culture

An effective ‘human firewall’ can prevent or mitigate many of the threats enterprises face today. Adopt these seven elements of a culture of cybersecurity to defend against risks
[SearchSecurity, August 24th, 2020]

New Attack Vectors Make Securing Virtual Companies Even More Challenging

As organizations are settling into long-term remote working, new attack vectors for opportunistic cyberattackers-and new challenges for network administrators have been introduced, Nuspire reveals
[HelpNet Security, August 25th, 2020]

Best Practices To Maintain VPN Security

Enterprises looking to maintain VPN security should focus on proper endpoint security and authentication, VPN server security and documentation for security policies
[SearchNetworking, August 27th, 2020]

Average Cost Of A Data Breach In 2020: $3.86M

When companies defend themselves against cyberattacks, time is money
[Dark Reading, August 24th, 2020]

Four Ways IT Can Better Support And Secure Remote Workers

The impact of remote work has just begun. Is your IT team ready?
[ITProPortal, August 24th, 2020]

A 2020 Approach To Security: People Matter

The information security industry frequently utilizes the phrase ‘people, processes and technology’ (PPT) to describe a holistic model of securing the business.
[HelpNet Security, August 24th, 2020]

A 10-Point Plan For Addressing WFM Cybersecurity Challenges

Back in early Spring, ensuring users could access the necessary applications securely from home was priority No. 1. Now, 3-4 months later, work from home looks like it’s here to stay . for a while, at least. Here’s your to-do list for the next 6 months and beyond
[CIO, August 24th, 2020]

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