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Most Popular Articles Vol 269 Issue 3

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Here they are.

Most Popular Articles in Vol 269 Issue 3, Grouped into Sections


Digital Transformation: 5 Reasons Why It Still Fails

While COVID-19 is accelerating a great deal of change, these five stumbling blocks can still get in the way of your digital transformation. Here’s how to beat them

The CIO’s Cost-Optimization Playbook: 7 Tips For Tight Times

IT leaders lend advice on optimizing IT for value when budgets get lean – without impairing growth projects

Cybersecurity New Normal Needs Change In Process, Cisos Say

As CISOs face an increasingly remote workforce, they need to confront past security mistakes, while adjusting to cybersecurity’s new normal

What’s On The Minds Of Technology Execs As They Wrestle With Tight Budgets

Two separate surveys find tight budgets, but optimism that digital transformation’s surge will continue. Artificial intelligence and IoT initiatives have been sidelined for now…

Kubernetes: 5 Realities It Pros Wish The CIO Knew

What do IT professionals working hands-on with Kubernetes need their bosses to know? IT leaders should keep these five realities of containers and orchestration in mind

Understanding The Gist Of NIST

Here are three principles for security leaders to consider when assessing their security command centers

How COVID Accelerated Digital Transformation At Aflac

Rich Gilbert, chief digital information officer, on how COVID-19 is allowing IT at the insurer to move full steam ahead on its innovation roadmap

Leading An Organisation Through Disruptive Crises As A CTO – Gartner

Marty Resnick, senior research analyst at Gartner, explores how chief technology officers, or CTOs, can lead their organisations through disruption

What Working From Home Means For CISOs

Bharat Mistry, principal security strategist at Trend Micro, discusses what working from home means for CISOs

CxO Events

How Outsourcing Identity is Driving Productivity & Enhancing Customer Service (Aug. 31st)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid, peer-to-peer, interactive industry discussion. Hear from your peers on the importance of IAM, what does it mean to an end user, what are the challenges companies are currently encountering and solutions being implemented.

Accelerating Your Digital Experience – Leveraging Authentication and Security Management (Sept. 10th)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid, interactive, peer-to-peer, industry discussion. Hear from your peers on the importance of Digital Transformation, strategies being implemented and challenges being faced!

Accelerating the New Intelligent Data Center (Sept. 1st)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid, peer-to-peer, interactive industry discussion. Hear from your peers about concrete lessons learned & real-world challenges faced during these unprecedented times.

A Frictionless Customer Experience: Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (Sept. 2nd)

BWG Connect invites senior IT managers to participate in a candid, peer-to-peer, interactive industry discussion. Hear from your peers about concrete lessons learned & real-world challenges faced during these unprecedented times.


Black Hat USA 2020 Recap: Experts Discuss Election Security Questions, But Offer Few Answers

The U.S. election in November is once again expected to be a target of digital adversaries. Experts at Black Hat USA 2020 highlighted the many election security questions authorities must address

Why Password Policies Are A Waste Of Time And Money For Companies

Password policies aren’t adequate for corporate cybersecurity

7 Things To Look For In A Security Awareness Training Provider

Not all cybersecurity awareness training vendors are the same or are right for your organization. Here’s how to find the best match

16 Top Endpoint Protection Platforms

Looking for a better endpoint protection platform to protect remote staff working on Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones or even Linux? One of these might be the answer.

10 RDP Security Best Practices To Prevent Cyberattacks

Securing remote connections is critical, especially in a pandemic. Enact these RDP security best practices at your organization to prevent ransomware, brute-force attacks and more

Enterprise Cybersecurity Hygiene Checklist For 2020

Cybersecurity hygiene in the enterprise must be a shared responsibility between employees and employers. Follow these steps to get the job done by both

Black Hat USA 2020 Musings: Weird And Wonderful Virtual Events Are Here To Stay

Black Hat USA 2020 was nothing like an in-person event, but it was incredibly useful for all involved, providing even the most grizzled industry veterans with fresh perspectives

Telehealth Is The Future Of Healthcare, But How Secure Is It?

54 percent of Americans have opted for virtual visits during pandemic, a CynergisTek survey reveals

62% Of Blue Teams Have Difficulty Stopping Red Teams During Adversary Simulation Exercises

New Exabeam research shows that 62 percent of blue teams have difficulty stopping red teams during adversary simulation exercises

MFA Mistakes: 6 Ways To Screw Up Multifactor Authentication

Fearful of messing up its implementation, many enterprises are still holding out on MFA. Here’s what they need to know

Five Ways To Maximize FIDO

Perform a quick Google search for ’causes of data breaches’, and you will be inundated with reports of stolen credentials and weak passwords

Working From Home Is Still Leading To Major Cybersecurity Issues

Since the shift to remote working, businesses have been exposed to greater cyber risk

What Are The Three Pillars Of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a business issue, not an IT issue. Organizations must foster a cybersecurity culture championed by management and supported by technology, governance, and staff awareness

How Organizations And Individuals Can Defend Against Would-Be Identity Thieves

Shielding against identity theft in a post-pandemic world


Gartner Gets Hyped For Emerging Tech

It’s the dog days of August, which means it’s time for Gartner to issue its annual Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

World’s Largest Chip Gets Beefier: 850 Thousand Cores For AI

Industry’s biggest processor now packs 850,000 cores, 2.6 trillion transistors

IBM Brings An Architecture Gun To A Chip Knife Fight

For the past several years here at The Next Platform, as we have been pondering what IBM might do with the future Power10 processor, we have been feinting here and there with our analytical pen, trying to suss out precisely what Big Blue might be up to, particularly with the unique memory architecture that it has been working on for more than a decade

Photonics Processor Aimed At AI Inference

Silicon photonics is exhibiting greater innovation as requirements grow to enable faster, lower-power chip interconnects for traditionally power-hungry applications like AI inferencing

How Intel Will Keep Moore’s Law Cranking For Years To Come

Maybe your 2025 laptop won’t suck

The Ticking And Tocking Of Intel’s ‘Ice Lake’ Xeon SP

It has been a long time since Intel changed its manufacturing process – what it used to call a ‘tick’ – and the microarchitecture and architecture of a processor design – what it used to call a ‘tock’ – at the same time


Flashback Friday: Well, Not Intentionally

And we’re not at all upset that you canceled the contract

Wayback Wednesday: The Abcs, Or The 1-2-3’s?

How simple do I have to make this?

Memory-Lane Monday: Great Idea, Except …

Let’s just say you’re unclear on the concept


Backblaze Tested 139,867 HDDs In 2Q20

Lowest historical annualized failure rate of 0.81% vs. 1.07% in 1Q20, no failure on Toshiba 4TB drives since 4Q18

DCIG 2020-21 Top 5 High-End Storage Arrays Report Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the inaugural DCIG 2020-21 TOP 5 High-End Storage Arrays report

Caching Vs Tiering

New technologies are coming to storage and data centres that adds to the hierarchy of choices available to system and solution architects


Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Beginners

Artificial intelligence can seem daunting as you start work. Let’s break down how AI works, common types of AI, how it improves big data insights, and strategy essentials

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Customer Service?

Excelling customer service has never been more important for businesses

In Gartner’s 2020 Hype Cycle, Explainable AI Leaps Ahead

The annual report shows AI is “dominating and becoming pervasive in all the technology that we’re using,” according to Gartner Research VP Brian Burke


Coronavirus: How COVID-19 Has Elevated The Status Of The Datacentre Industry

The pandemic has served to highlight just how dependent the world is on the datacentre community – and governments, policy-makers and investors are taking note

Why Some Data Centers Don’t Patch And Why They Should

Despite costly consequences, many data center operators don’t get around to patching serious security vulnerabilities until it’s too late

Large-Scale Migrations Away From On-Premise Environments Are Underway

COVID-19 has had a massive effect on DevOps, leading to large-scale migrations away from on-premises environments, a Codefresh survey reveals


Does It Matter Whether You’re Qualified For The Job?

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

Social Media

How Social Media Is Changing Customer Service

Social media has really changed customer service behavior in recent years


3 SD-WAN Cloud Connectivity Options To Explore

Enterprises can connect their SD-WAN infrastructure to cloud providers’ platforms using three methods: back-to-back access, private PoP connections and internet VPN


2 Project Oversight Areas That Warrant More Executive Focus

When it comes to project oversight, there are two areas on which executives should focus


10 Best Free And Open Source Software (FOSS) Programs I Found In 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, it is time to bring you the best 10 Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) programs I have come across during this year

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