Enterprise IT Vendor News (269.3)

From Volume 269 Issue 3

Each week I select 60-90 items from mainstream IT publications and publish them on the website for “IT News and Events.

I also select press releases from various mainstream IT vendors and certain blog articles. In this issue the vendors are: DDN, Tintri, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, Red Hat, AWS, Citrix. Dell, Veeam, Nutanix and Centrify.

Microsoft News

Universal Filmed Entertainment Group And Microsoft Azure Announce Partnership To Accelerate Live-Action And Animation Productions

Companies pledge to bring together cloud and production expertise to create production asset platform for Universal and DreamWorks Animation films
[Microsoft News, August 21st, 2020]

Tintri News

Join Tintri For Laugh & Learn – August 27th @ 4:00 PM Pacific

Take a well-deserved break from everything and join Tintri for Laugh & Learn, a lighthearted virtual discussion about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
[Tintri News, August 19th, 2020]

IBM News

IBM Reveals Next-Generation Ibm Power10 Processor

New CPU co-optimized for Red Hat OpenShift for enterprise hybrid cloud
[IBM News, August 17th, 2020]

IBM Collaborated With The City Of Seoul, South Korea To Develop An AI-Based Virtual Assistant For Its Citizens Using Ibm Watson

The city of Seoul’s ‘I Care You’ project is using IBM Watson Assistant running on IBM public cloud to gather citizens’ opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic
[IBM News, August 20th, 2020]

IBM Delivers Its Highest Quantum Volume To Date, Expanding The Computational Power Of Its Ibm Cloud-Accessible Quantum Computers

Company achieves a quantum volume of 64 through full-stack improvements
[IBM News, August 20th, 2020]

New IBM Power10 Processor Has Transparent Memory Encryption For End-To-End Security

IBM revealed the next generation of its IBM POWER CPU family: IBM POWER10. Designed to offer a platform to meet the unique needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing…
[HelpNet Security, August 17th, 2020]

DDN News

When I Benchmark, It Screams: Getting Infrastructure Right

Academic research breakthroughs revolutionize fields, build careers, and accelerate institutional funding. Now more than ever, universities and research institutions are increasingly turning to AI to unlock insights contained in those massive datasets
[DDN Webinar Replay]

Cisco News

Putting Family First At Cisco

When my oldest daughter was born, my life changed completely. I knew I wanted to be an example to her in every way – supplying all her most important needs – but it still left me wondering: what if what she needed most was her father?
[Cisco News, August 21st, 2020]

T-Mobile’s 5G Hype Is Real. And Cisco Is At The Heart Of IT

Seems like we see news about 5G rollouts every week, with networks being ‘lit up’ left and right
[Cisco News, August 20th, 2020]

Threat Roundup For August 14 To August 21

Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed between August 14 and August 21
[Cisco News, August 21st, 2020]

Ping Beware: Riot Games Partners With Cisco To Power Lol Esports

Cisco Joins LoL Esports as Official Enterprise Networking Partner – Cisco Joins LoL Esports as Official Enterprise Networking Partner
[Cisco News, August 19th, 2020]

Fortinet News

Fortinet Secures And Simplifies Customer Migration To Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Organizations are increasingly migrating data and applications to and between public cloud environments
[Fortinet News, August 21st, 2020]

Fortinet Research Demonstrates Enterprises Must Adapt To Address Telework Security Challenges Long-Term

2020 Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Report Shows How Organizations Are Increasing Investments to Secure Remote Work at Scale
[Fortinet News, August 18th, 2020]

The MSSP Opportunity Around Network Access Controls

The proliferation of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices on enterprise networks has created new vulnerabilities for organizations to manage
[Fortinet News, August 20th, 2020]

Fortinet And IBM Collaborate On Skillsbuild To Further Build Cybersecurity Skills

Partnership Provides Global Communities with More Learning Opportunities to Develop Skills, Reskill and Upskill for a Career in Cybersecurity
[Fortinet News, August 18th, 2020]

Dell EMC News

Baker’s Half Dozen – Episode 15

Not all tech needs to be overly complex. Occam’s Razor suggests the simpler solution is often the best solution, but it’s not always that easy.
[Dell EMC News, August 20th, 2020]

Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd NVMe Server Review

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd was released a bit over three years ago when the company upgraded its PowerEdge server line from Broadwell to Xeon SP
[StorageReview, August 21st. 2020]

Taboola Makes AI Real

Personalized recommendations have changed the way brands reach their customers effectively.
[Dell EMC News, August 17th, 2020]

Red Hat News

What We’ve Learned Using Openshift Container Platform In A Hybrid Cloud Environment For Red Hat IT

As a principal engineer in Red Hat IT focused on container platforms, I know the benefits of using Red Hat OpenShift firsthand and the value it gives to our organization
[Red Hat News, August 20th, 2020]

Friday Five – August 21, 2020

The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week’s top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye…
[Red Hat News, August 21st, 2020]

More Kubernetes Innovation, Less Service Complexity: Operators And The Future Of Kubernetes

Kubernetes, the orchestration engine itself, has reached a point of incremental innovation
[Red Hat News, August 18th, 2020]

Citrix News

Simplify Collaboration With A Citrix Solution You Already Have

Did you know Citrix Workspace includes a file management solution?
[Citrix News, August 18th, 2020]

Citrix Enables Customer Choice With Support For VMware Cloud On AWS

Now more than ever the ability to easily scale up or spin down virtual applications and desktops to enable your distributed workforce is mission critical for organizations of all sizes
[Citrix News, August 17th, 2020]

Implementing User Lockout For Citrix ADC System Users

Brute force attacks occur when an attacker tries to guess a user’s credentials by trying different usernames and passwords
[Citrix News, August 20th, 2020]

AWS News

Amazon To Add Thousands Of Jobs To Phoenix Metro Area

New sites supporting operations network to open throughout the Valley by end of 2020; more to come in 2021
[AWS News, August 19th, 2020]

Amazon Announces Plans To Create 3,500 New Jobs In U.S. Tech Hubs In Dallas, Detroit, Denver, New York, Phoenix, And San Diego

In addition to these future plans, the company is currently hiring for nearly 20,000 positions in the U.S., drawing from diverse pools of talent to fill roles across tech, corporate and customer fulfillment
[AWS News, August 18th, 2020]

Make AWS Lambda Development Easier With The Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 is a full browser-based IDE with many AWS integrations and built in support for over 40 languages. It’s particularly great for working with Lambda functions, and provides an easy way to test and iterate on them in the same environment as production
[CloudSavvyIT, August 18th, 2020]

HPE News

The Fundamentals Of Security Incident Response -During A Pandemic And Beyond

A rapidly expanding remote workforce introduces new challenges when it comes to identifying your vulnerabilities and responding rapidly, but it doesn’t change the fundamentals-identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover
[HPE News, August 19th, 2020]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Launches HPE Digital Catalyst Program To Identify, Mentor And Support The Next Generation Of Indian Startups

The HPE Digital Catalyst Program will focus on partnering with startups working in AI, DevSecOps, cybersecurity and intelligent edge
[HPE News, August 17th, 2020]

RSA News

Diagnosing The Cybersecurity Challenges In Healthcare

While daily headlines focus on the evolving nature of the health crisis, the cyber attack surface is expanding and threatens the future of patient care across the globe
[RSA News, August 20th, 2020]

Fewer But Faster: The New Reality For A CIO’s Transformation Plans

I’m currently in the process of teaching my teenage son how to drive. Oh sure, he took a class of some kind before school transitioned to remote learning that provided some ‘book smarts’ on driving
[RSA News, August 19th, 2020]

Veeam News

Veeam Floors Unilin, A Mohawk Company, With Its Enterprise Protection Of It Systems

Fortune 500 company counts on Veeam for consistent, reliable backup of critical manufacturing systems
[Veeam News, August 19th, 2020]

Sunexpress Flies Under The Enterprise-Level Protection Of Veeam

Veeam supports the airline’s high standard of delivering the best customer experience on the ground and in the air
[Veeam News, August 18th, 2020]

Dell News

Talking Video Workflows And Workstations With Adobe’s Dave Helmly

Dave Helmly, head of strategic development for Broadcast at Adobe, has forged a distinguished career in video and imaging, helping professional creators nail their workflows
[Dell News, August 18th, 2020]

How Technology Is Transforming The Circular Economy

When it comes to expanding the circular economy, the IT industry is one of the effort’s greatest enablers – especially when technology provides scalable solutions that drive real value
[Dell News, August 17th, 2020]

VMware News

VMware Enhances Self-Driving Operations And Programmable Automation With Updates Across Vrealize Cloud Management

New Releases Across VMware vRealize On-Premises and SaaS Portfolio Help Customers to Provision, Optimize and Govern their Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments
[VMWare News, August 18th, 2020]

VMware Brings Kubernetes To Fusion 12 And Workstation 16 Releases

Expanding Support for Developers
[VMWare News, August 20th, 2020]

Datacore News

Data Storage Facts Of Life

Understanding the importance of software-defined storage in diverse IT environments
[Datacore News, August 21st, 2020]

Lenovo News

Get Carried Away With Premium Experiences From Five New Lenovo Yoga Laptops

Also introducing new built-in, self-diagnostic tool Lenovo Vantage Smart Performance Services
[Lenovo News, August 18th, 2020]

Kelly Merbler News

3 Things I Did To Create My Dream Job After 40

I don’t know about you, but when I hit my 40th birthday, I began to get restless as I pondered what the rest of my career would look like
[Kelly Merbler News, August 19th, 2020]

Centrify News

Almost 40% Of Businesses Have Sacked Staff Due To A Breach Of Company Cybersecurity Policy Since The Start Of The COVID-19 Outbreak

39% of UK business decision makers have admitted to dismissing staff members due to a breach of company cyber security policy since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak
[Centrify News, August 18th, 2020]

Nutanix News

Nutanix And Intel Collaborate To Launch Innovation Lab

Engineering Innovation Center to Accelerate Joint Product Performance and Quality
[Nutanix News, August 19th, 2020]

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