IT News: HPC, Social Media, Big Data, Virtualization, Linux, Backup, … (269.3)

Volume 269 Issue 3 (Posted August 24th)

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.”

Social Media

How Social Media Is Changing Customer Service

Social media has really changed customer service behavior in recent years
[Business 2 Community, August 20th, 2020]


LLNL Beefs Up Its Lassen Supercomputer With The World’s Largest Processor

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said today it has integrated the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Lassen supercomputer with the world’s largest computer chip
[siliconANGLE, August 19th, 2020]

Big Data

Your Big Data Reports Are Not Being Used As They Should: Here’s How To Change That

Just because you make beautiful, impactful data visualizations doesn’t mean the business is using them to their fullest extent. There are ways to improve that
[TechRepublic, August 21st. 2020]


The Complete Guide To VMware Hybrid Cloud

There is a lot of noise across the Internet from public cloud to private cloud and where VMware fits in-between
[VMware Dojo, August 21st. 2020]


Linux Is Now Available On More Windows 10 Versions

Microsoft expands Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 to Windows 10 1903 and 1909
[techradar, August 21st. 2020]


Data Backup For The Hybrid Cloud

When using hybrid cloud for backup, you can leverage cloud scalability and security without compromising on-premise control
[Network Computing, August 20th, 2020]


‘Real’ Programming Is An Elitist Myth

When people build a database to manage reading lists or feed their neighbors, that’s coding-and culture
[Wired, August 19th, 2020]


It’s Still A Young CRM Market

The IDC CRM market share numbers are in for 2019 and for the seventh consecutive year Salesforce leads the pack, this time with 18.4 percent of the market.
[CRMBuyer, August 18th, 2020]

PeopleTek News

Virtual Team Building

The difference between success and failure is a great team. – Dave Kerpen
[PeopleTek News, August 19th, 2020]

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