What does this service cost?

You can have your own version of the newsletter
which is made from the top 20 or so most popular articles  from the main newsletter
We can format the newsletter many different ways. Here’s an example in a preview for a smartphone:
Here’s a version that has more graphics and give the reader control over which sections are included in their copy of the newsletter …
For an individual rep:
  • Your picture, logo and contact info are featured in the email newsletter banner and on the website
  • We provide a web site where you can login and add new newsletter recipients. You can add one at a time or many at a time from a spreadsheet
  • We offer an optional service were you can send us an email with one or more contacts and we will add them under your account to receive the newsletter – fire and forget
  • We provide you with a unique URL that allows a person to register as your subscriber. They have to opt-in by responding to an email.
  • You can also add people one at a time with that quick add form:quick-add-form
  • You can send us (via USPS/FedEx/UPS) an envelop of business card and we will add those contacts under your account. We:
    • scan cards
    • verify via LinkedIn
    • make a spreadsheet from cards
    • load that spreadsheet of contacts under your account to receive the newsletter
    • email you the new spreadsheet (e.g. so that you could import into your CRM)
    • return cards to you in an envelope
  • We email you a weekly report of who opened the newsletter and what articles they clicked on
  • The newsletter is sent to your contacts from your email address so that you get the bounce and out-of-office  messages
  • You can send us a link to an article – e.g. a blog post that you think will be of special interest to your contacts – and we will create an article from that and place it in a section that will be at the “top” of your version of the newsletter and website
  • We encourage you to add a tracking contact/email so that you can verify that your newsletter was delivered and that no other material is sent to your list – trust but verify!
  • Note that we do not sell or rent contact information
How do we charge?
  • month-to-month
  • no-contracts
  • automatic billing via credit card using a SaaS subscription billing service
  • $100/for content
  • $20 for a sending account
  • blocks of subscribers
    • $20 for 0 to 500
    • $45 for 500 to 2500
    • $65 for 2500 to 5000
  • $20 dedicated microsite/team edition
  • Add contacts via email or batches of cards: $1.50 per verified contact
  • Create an article from a URL and add to newsletter: $25

If you have 450 subscribers you would pay:

$100 + $20 + 20 = $140/month for a weekly newsletter send from your email address to up to 500 contacts.

If you sign up with three other team members and you each have 500-600 contacts, you would get the team edition:
  1. $100 for content
  2. 4 sending accounts = 4 x $20 = $80
  3. block of up to 2500 contacts = $45
  4. team edition = $20
$100 + $80 + $45 + $20 = $245 or about $60/month each for 4 reps.

This page has a a link to a 26-slide overview:

Here is the page to sign up:

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