6 Tips for Creating an Editorial Newsletter that Subscribers Will Actually Read

As I review Lane Harbin‘s article in Business 2 Community, I see that most of the tips apply to our IT Newsletter service:

  1. Create content for the mobile reader
    • We format our newsletters for the web, tablets and mobile devices
  2. Add a personal touch
    • You will be listed as the sender and the recipients name will included e.g. in the Subject line
  3. Tell amazing stories
    • We try to pick the best stories from trade papers then our own reader clicks let us know what is amazing
  4. Let subscribers self-select content with a preference center
    • We build the newsletters for each reader based on their selects in the preference center (profile).
  5. Curate, don’t automate
    • We leverage our experience to curate the best content, avoiding product or vendor pitches, political opinions, content that is too timely
  6. Monitor your metrics
    • You can see who opens and what they click.

Email newsletters are a great way to engage subscribers and provide value that goes beyond a solid product and strong customer service. When you want an IT newsletter, use our service to get a service that subscribers simply can’t ignore!

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