So You’ve Got the Sales Lead…Now What?

 Ian Campbell writes in Business 2 Community, “If you’ve been involved in sales for any length of time, you probably know all too well that a first response is still a pretty cold lead. They’re not your friend, they’re not ready to become your client and they’re certainly not ready for a full-on sales pitch.

The same thing goes for cold emailing as it does for cold calling. When you book an appointment from a cold call, you have to remember that the person you’re meeting with is still actually a cold sales lead. You simply said something that resonated enough with them to pique their interest. When you get to the appointment, you still have to show them why it’s in their benefit to continue to talk to you.


In short, you still have to be a sales person….”

In the article, Ian writes, “Here’s an example of one of my nurturing systems:

Phone Call -> Email -> 3 days -> Email #2 -> 1 day -> Phone call -> 3 days -> Repeat twice more -> Move to newsletter list

Pro Tip: Make sure that the emails you’re sending out are relevant and help you qualify the lead…”

That’s where our managed newsletter service comes in handy!


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