Experience The Enterprise IT Newsletter

I produce two Enterprise IT Newsletters. The first, “IT News and Events“, has a wide ranging collection of articles – about 100 each week – that are placed into 40+ sections. The articles are curated from 155+ sources.

You can register, for free, and have the same experience as all the tens of thousands of other subscribers:

  • start of week email with just the sections enabled in your profile that have articles
  • end of week email with list of most clicked on articles, sorted by popularity
  • website where you can update your profile, view the current issue, see what’s most popular

The website for that newsletter is https://it.it-news-and-events.info

Here’s how the start of week email looks for my subscribers:


Here’s how the website looks for my subscribers:


The registration link is at the top of the page. It requires an opt-in.

sign-upThe publishing system keeps track of which articles are clicked on the most and I produce a second newsletter, “IT News“, created from the 20 to 24 most popular articles. That newsletter is the basis of my “Enterprise IT Newsletter as A Service.”

You can register, for free, and experience that newsletter like the customers of the sales teams who use my managed newsletter service:

  • start of week email with just the sections enabled in your profile
  • website where you can update your profile, view the current issue, see what’s most popular

Here’s how the start of week email looks for my subscribers:


The website for that newsletter is https://itnews.it-news-and-events.info

The registration link is at the top of the page. It requires an opt-in.


The “Enterprise IT Newsletter As A Service” offering includes:

  • an account with which you can add/delete/modify/import/export your own subscribers
  • automatic, weekly delivery of a custom newsletter to each of your subscribers
  • your picture, logo and contact information will be included at the top of each email and in the website
  • a unique, private URL for a registration form that your can give to potential subscribers. People who subscribe with that link become your your subscribers and will receive the weekly email with the custom newsletter from your address

Can My Firm Have a News Section Like Red Hat’s?

Many firms want to promote their product or service in the IT market and I have been asked if they can leverage my publications.


I have been publishing weekly IT newsletters for 20+ years. My initial audiences were Sun resellers and customers.

After Oracle bought Sun, I pivoted and now publish for a general IT audience.

Over those years, I have grown the subscriber base of my newsletters to over 40k people worldwide. Many of those people have been subscribers for many years and their careers have advanced. I can think of one Solaris SysAdmin who eventually became the CIO of his organization.

Mine is a very attractive audience of senior IT professionals and I am now exploring ways to generate revenue without loosing them. My publications have always avoided advertising. I have instead developed a model of tracking the behavior of the crowd to select the most popular articles. I offer a managed IT newsletter service with those most popular articles.

My publishing technology has some very nice features. In particular, each subscriber is able to control which sections are included in their newsletter. So a reader who is not interested in IoT can disable the IoT section.

That allows me to roll out new sections, enabled by default, and the audience can disable the ones they don’t want. This year I have launched new sections including: Blockchain, ERP, CRM, BI, Compliance.

The new product I am working on is a form of what’s called Native Advertising. I can create a section for a vendor and place articles in that section from that vendor. I do this already for Red Hat. Whenever they issue a press release, I process that into an article in the Red Hat News section. Those articles look and feel like the rest of the publication and each reader can stop unwanted sections from appearing in future newsletters sent to them.

You can see the Red Hat News section on this web site: https://redhat.it-news-and-events.info

You will see how the  Red Hat News is a first class sections and the articles look like the articles in the rest of the publication.

I now want to offer sponsored news sections to other companies.

A side effect of having a sponsored news section for your firm going out to my global audience, is that I can also spin up a custom publication for you (like the Red Hat one above). You can add your contacts and they will get a weekly newsletter with your news section plus the crowd selected articles.

For those organization who sell their product or service through resellers (or channel partners), I can produce a customer newsletter for each reseller with the organization’s News section.

If you are interested in this new service, please let me know.


Tell Me About Your Newsletter Service

IT Professionals need to keep up-to-date with many aspects of the Information Technology field. There are so many news sources and they vary so much in value from insightful to self-serving fluff pieces. IT professionals are expected to do more with less so they have a limited amount of time to devote to this task.

Potential users of our managed IT Newsletter service want to be in front of their IT Professional contacts but want to be relevant so that those contacts don’t ignore or forget them. Examples include: sales professionals (hardware, software, services), event promoters, recruiters, professional associations, publishers.

Our managed service is appealing because, once it is configured and running, our customers don’t have to do anything to keep it running and our article selection process keeps the content relevant and of interest to their IT Professional contacts.

“IT News and Events”,  https://it.it-news-and-events.info,  (“IT”)  is a general IT newsletter with ~80 articles each week curated from hundreds of IT publications. We avoid articles that are fluff pieces, or are vendor or product specific. We look for articles that provide insight or value. This publication has a worldwide audience of 40,000+ senior IT professionals.


This publication, (“ITNews”),  is made from the top 20 or so most clicked on articles from the main newsletter. It is the basis of the managed IT Newsletter as a Service offering.

Here are a couple of vendor-specific editions. They are made from vendor news sections plus the top 20 or so most clicked on articles from the main newsletter.

The vendor news sections are clearly labelled as such. They are usually made from press releases or blogs from that vendor.

Each “Newsletter” is a custom publication that is made from a set of sections. The publication owner chooses which sections are included in their publication and in what order they should appear. The publication may also have a section that is unique to that publication. That allows a publication owner to submit content that will only appear in their publication.

A custom publication may also have a unique URL and, through the use of DNS, may be made to appear as a sub-domain of the customer. E.g. Doc Solutions’ newsletter appears under doc-solutions.info and under our domain:

Each publication can have one or more sender (typically sales and marketing personnel ) and they each have their own subscribers.

Subscribers can be added one-at-a-time or imported from a spreadsheet with a web-based tool that we provide for managing subscriptions. Each publication has it’s own subscription form so that new subscribers can add themselves. Once new subscribers opt-in, they will receive the newsletter from the publication owner who has the option of transferring subscribers to different sender of the same publication. A marketing person may own the publication and they may transfer new subscribers to different sales people based on their coverage model.

Each sender also has a unique subscription form which they can use to add new contacts or give to their contacts to self register.

We also offer a value-add service where a sender can mail us physical business cards which we will scan, verify, add under the sender’s account and send a message asking the new contact to opt in. We return the cards and email a spreadsheet of the new contacts to the owner of the cards.

Each subscriber has a profile and can choose which sections are included in their copy of the newsletter. The subscriber’s profile customizes the newsletter and website.

The sender’s picture, logo and contact information are included in the banner at the top of the newsletter and each page of the newsletter site.

Of course, subscribers can also opt-out at any time

IT Newsletters As A Service and Managed IT Newsletter Service

Subscriber Self Registation

The person from whom the newsletters are sent, the sender, is also know in our system as the Subscriber Manager.

Multiple Subscriber Managers can be associated with a Team Edition. Each Team Edition will have a sign up form on its microsite. People who sign up at the microsite for a Team Edition will be associated with the default Subscriber Manager who, in turn, can reassign that subscriber to another Subscriber Manager in the same team.

In addition, each Subscriber Manager, whether they are in team or not, will be provided with a unique URL that will allow people to sign up as that Subscriber Manager’s subscriber. The Subscriber Manager could send an email to their prospects, customers, partners, colleagues and invite them to become a subscriber, compliments of that Subscriber Manager.

The Subscriber Manager’s form and the microsite are similar to this:


Once the new subscriber completes the form and presses the “Sign me up for a subscription” button they will be added to the data bases in a “suspended” state and an email will be sent to them. They will remain inactive or suspended until they click on the link in the email that was sent to them. This “double opt-in” process guarantees that the email entered is valid and that a human took the action of completing the opt-in process.


Newsletter Layout – Simple

Another layout option that works really well with mobile devices is our “simple” format. It looks great in web mail clients, tablets and traditional mail clients:


The links will go to the referenced articles and your e-marketing tool – such as MailChimp – will track which of your subscribers clicked on which links.

The simple layout looks great on a mobile device:


MailChimp – Forever Free?

If you want to send newsletters and other marketing messages to your customers and prospects, then MailChimp is a very popular tool well worth considering.

MailChimp is even more appealing if you can leverage their Forever Free Plan.

That plan allows you to send 12,000 total emails per month and have up to 2,000 total subscribers across all lists in the account. That means you have a weekly newsletter.

In addition to producing turn-key newsletters with our own software, IT News and Events (ITNE) has a Content Service that works with MailChimp.

Included in that service:

  • Joint development of Newsletter Layout
  • Weekly setup, review and send

Joint development of Newsletter Layout

ITNE will work with you to select a template and customize it to make it your firm template. We can produce our content in several formats and you can choose the one that your like best.

Weekly setup, review and send

Each week, ITNE will copy last week’s newsletter and replace last week’s news with this week’s.

You will have 24 hours to make changes.

After 24 hours, on our agreed schedule, ITNE will “push the button” to send the newsletter to your contact from your address in your MailChimp account.

Tracking and Responses

Each send of a weekly newsletter is considered a “campaign”. At any time, you can login to your MailChimp account a review the performance of campaign. You can see who

  • opened the newsletter
  • what links they clicked on

Your standard newsletter template should include calls to action by phone and email.

Additional Campaigns

You can use the standard features of MailChimp to create additional campaigns which you can send to all or some of the same people who receive your IT newsletter.


Newsletter Content: links and logo – with or without intro paragraph

The newsletters that we produce for our customers have:

  • The title of the article with a hyperlink to the actual article
  • A subtitle with
    • The name of the publication
    • Date of publication
  • A logo for the publication

One form of newsletter has a paragraph or two describing the article.

Another form does not.

In both cases, the articles are grouped into named sections such as ‘IT News – Storage’.

Each subscriber can choose which sections are included in their copy of the newsletter.

Newsletter articles with paragraph of two of text
Newsletter articles in sections with a paragraph or two of text