IT News: Technology, Operations (269.3)

Volume 269 Issue 3 (Posted August 24th)

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.”


How Intel Will Keep Moore’s Law Cranking For Years To Come

Maybe your 2025 laptop won’t suck
[CNET, August 18th, 2020]

Gartner Gets Hyped For Emerging Tech

It’s the dog days of August, which means it’s time for Gartner to issue its annual Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
[datanami, August 18th, 2020]

IBM Brings An Architecture Gun To A Chip Knife Fight

For the past several years here at The Next Platform, as we have been pondering what IBM might do with the future Power10 processor, we have been feinting here and there with our analytical pen, trying to suss out precisely what Big Blue might be up to, particularly with the unique memory architecture that it has been working on for more than a decade
[TheNextPlatform, August 18th, 2020]

World’s Largest Chip Gets Beefier: 850 Thousand Cores For AI

Industry’s biggest processor now packs 850,000 cores, 2.6 trillion transistors
[techradar, August 19th, 2020]

Photonics Processor Aimed At AI Inference

Silicon photonics is exhibiting greater innovation as requirements grow to enable faster, lower-power chip interconnects for traditionally power-hungry applications like AI inferencing
[EnterpriseAI, August 17th, 2020]

The Ticking And Tocking Of Intel’s ‘Ice Lake’ Xeon SP

It has been a long time since Intel changed its manufacturing process – what it used to call a ‘tick’ – and the microarchitecture and architecture of a processor design – what it used to call a ‘tock’ – at the same time
[TheNextPlatform, August 17th, 2020]


Large-Scale Migrations Away From On-Premise Environments Are Underway

COVID-19 has had a massive effect on DevOps, leading to large-scale migrations away from on-premises environments, a Codefresh survey reveals
[HelpNet Security, August 19th, 2020]

Coronavirus: How COVID-19 Has Elevated The Status Of The Datacentre Industry

The pandemic has served to highlight just how dependent the world is on the datacentre community – and governments, policy-makers and investors are taking note
[ComputerWeekly, August 17th, 2020]

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind? Is It Time To Move To Next-Gen Itsm?

To replace or not replace (your software, that is)?
[ITProPortal, August 19th, 2020]

Looking Back At Sysadmin Appreciation Day, 2020

Time to pay the ‘unsung heroes of IT’ their dues
[ITProPortal, August 21st. 2020]

Why Some Data Centers Don’t Patch And Why They Should

Despite costly consequences, many data center operators don’t get around to patching serious security vulnerabilities until it’s too late
[Data Center Knowledge, August 21st. 2020]

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