IT News: Storage, Cloud (269.3)

Volume 269 Issue 3

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Backblaze Tested 139,867 HDDs In 2Q20

Lowest historical annualized failure rate of 0.81% vs. 1.07% in 1Q20, no failure on Toshiba 4TB drives since 4Q18
[StorageNewsletter, August 20th, 2020]

DCIG 2020-21 Top 5 High-End Storage Arrays Report Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the inaugural DCIG 2020-21 TOP 5 High-End Storage Arrays report
[DCIG, August 20th, 2020]

Caching Vs Tiering

New technologies are coming to storage and data centres that adds to the hierarchy of choices available to system and solution architects
[architectingIT, August 17th, 2020]


Cloud Repatriation: Why It’s More Than ‘Just’ Public Cloud Retreat

Cloud repatriation is more than just moving from the public cloud back to your on-premises past
[Data Center Knowledge, August 18th, 2020]

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