IT News: Storage and Cloud

From Volume 269 Issue 2


Cloud Storage Costs: How To Get Cloud Storage Bills Under Control

Many organisations look to the cloud to cut storage budgets, but the potential costs are many and varied. So what are the key ways to cut cloud storage costs?
[ComputerWeekly, August 11th, 2020]

Data Center Storage Adoption Reacts To Contemporary Pressures

Read on to learn how data center and storage administrators use cloud services, remote management and automation to overcome today’s COVID-19 challenges
[SearchStorage, August 13th, 2020]

Hard Disk Drive Quarterly Results And Projections

Let’s look at CQ2 2020 HDD results and revised projections for HDDs through 2025. These are results from the Q2 2020 Coughlin Associates newsletter
[Forbes, August 12th, 2020]

Zettabyte Era Arrives

Data creation is on an unprecedented trajectory and data has become the most valuable asset in most companies
[Storage Newsletter, August 13th, 2020]

Use Cases For Object Storage Ramp Up To Meet Emerging Demands

Computational and storage advances are expanding the role of object storage beyond traditional HPC and cloud to emerging data analytics, machine learning and deep learning use cases
[SearchStorage, August 10th, 2020]

Hybrid Cloud Strategy: 5 Contrarian Tips

Hybrid cloud experts and IT leaders share their less-than-conventional wisdom. Let’s talk about consistency, costs, and other lessons learned as these environments mature
[The Enterprisers Project, August 13th, 2020]

HDD Shipped In 2Q20 Down 13% Q/Q At 59 Million, Market Being Impacted By COVID-19

“In its SDAS: HDD Information Service, 2CQ20 Quarterly Update, published on August 6, 2020, analyst company Trendfocus, Inc. wrote: COVID-19 Economic Impact Limits HDD Shipments to 59 Million in 2CQ20; Nearline eases on hyperscale pause ahead of transitions 243EB shipped in the quarter
[Storage Newsletter, August 11th, 2020]


The Leading Cloud Computing Challenge And How To Address It

Cloud cost optimization continues to be a major issue for enterprises.
[Network Computing, August 11th, 2020]

Considering Hybrid Cloud? Focus On The Why

So much of business-and life in general-comes down to semantics. We articulate goals and measure success using a variety of terms. Some serve to clarify; others confuse. Consider the term ‘hybrid cloud’ – a Google search yields 5.96 million results. So, yes, hybrid cloud is a hot topic, but what exactly do we mean by it?
[, August 10th, 2020]

10 FAQs About Cloud Computing

Learn the basics of cloud computing with answers to these frequently asked questions. Review the different types of clouds, and see how your company can get started with them
[SearchCloudComputing, August 13th, 2020]

Security Teams Struggle To Keep Pace With Cloud Threats

Security professionals face challenges in keeping pace with cloud deployments and migrations, and the additional security threats they open up
[ComputerWeekly, August 10th, 2020]

Half Of IT Teams Can’t Fully Utilize Cloud Security Solutions Due To Understaffing

There are unrealized gaps between the rate of implementation or operation and the effective use of cloud security access brokers (CASB) within the enterprise, according to a global Cloud Security Alliance survey of more than 200 IT and security professionals from a variety of organization sizes and locations.
[HelpNet Security, August 12th, 2020]

How To Demonstrate Cloud Security Leadership

Experts within cyber security and cloud technology provide their insight into how to effectively demonstrate cloud security leadership
[InformationAge, August 11th, 2020]

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