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From Volume 269 Issue 2


Flashback Friday: When You Write The Manual, ‘RTFM’ Becomes Your Mantra

A lot of work for little thanks
[Computerworld, August 14th, 2020]

Memory-Lane Monday: So Much Savings!

Remember when somebody said this was a bad idea?
[ComputerWorld, August 14th, 2020]

Now Hear This

This job is no game
[Computerworld, August 11th, 2020]

Wayback Wednesday: There Are No Crazy Troubleshooting Ideas

When normal fixes don’t work, try what makes no sense to you.
[Computerworld, August 11th, 2020]


10 Ways AI Is Accelerating DevOps

Looking to reduce the delays DevOps teams are challenged with, software development tool providers are accelerating the pace of integrating AI- and Machine Learning technologies into their apps and platforms
[Business 2 Community, August 11th, 2020]

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) And Digital Transformation Work Together

How can robotic process automation help with digital transformation goals such as faster time to market? Consider these factors when crafting your RPA strategy
[The Enterprisers Project, August 11th, 2020]

Top 10 Causes Of RPA Failures And How To Avoid Them

Experts in automation offer insight on why RPA implementations fail in the enterprise and how IT leaders can avoid them to ensure they’re getting the most out of the technology
[SearchCIO, August 10th, 2020]

AI vs. Manual – Why We Still Need A Human Touch For Transcription Services

Does this sentence make any sense to you? Before you start blaming a human for this error – it is the work of a speech recognition technology. Lately, our dependence on AI (Artificial Intelligence) has increased manifold
[Business 2 Community, August 12th, 2020]

Global AI Market Revenues To Reach $156 Billion In 2020

Worldwide revenues for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, including software, hardware, and services, are expected to total $156.5 billion in 2020, a growth of 12.3 per cent over the previous year, according to a new forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC)
[Express Computer, August 10th, 2020]


IT Staffing Trends Evolve During A Trying 2020

Surveys indicate few IT pros should be concerned about layoffs due to COVID-19. But other factors, such as reskilling, training and the new WFH reality, are having a profound effect
[SearchStorage, August 10th, 2020]

Two Reasons Why HR Stinks (And How To Fix It)

An acquaintance just got her first job after being a stay at home mom for many years. She’s a recruiter. Salary? $10 an hour. Take that in for a minute.
[Evil HR Lady, August 10th, 2020]

Digital Employee Experience A New Focus Of HR-IT Partnership

Generational change forced companies to repave the on-ramps to the digital workplace and improve the employee experience. COVID-19 changed the emphasis, but the goals are the same
[SearchHRSSoftware, August 13th, 2020]

Virtual Hiring In A Digital-Only World

In the span of just a few months, we have had to quickly adjust and transition our strategies to fit today’s new normal of hiring, training and even working in general
[Business 2 Community, August 11th, 2020]


11 Main Benefits Of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure include simplified deployments and management, easy upgrades, scalability and flexibility, improved performance, agility and more
[SearchConvergedInfrastructure, August 11th, 2020]

How 5 Stages Of Server Lifecycle Influence Vendor Sales Tactics

Learn about sales tactics that server suppliers like Dell EMC, HPE, Lenovo, IBM and Cisco use to try to win back market share from white box suppliers and how those affect you
[SearchConvergedInfrastructure, August 15th, 2020]

Examining Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Costs And Savings

There are several factors to consider when calculating HCI costs, including licensing, storage, networking and CPU types. In addition, costs might include support contracts
[SearchConvergedInfrastructure, August 10th, 2020]

Top 8 Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Use Cases

You might be aware of basic HCI use cases, such as server consolidation and virtual desktop infrastructure, but there are other areas where HCI can come in handy
[SearchConvergedInfrastructure, August 10th, 2020]


Is Artificial Intelligence Just Another High Performance Computing Workload?

Artificial intelligence (AI) comes to our minds whenever organizations are seeking new, innovative approaches to enhance and expand their businesses. Typical attributes for such workloads are ‘use case centric’, ‘data scientist specific’, and ‘innovative’. Some examples include autonomous farming, self-driving cars, or interactive voice dialog systems
[CIO, August 11th, 2020]

ORNL Offers Virtual Tour Of Summit’s Supercomputer Center

Oak Ridge National Lab has released a virtual tour of the facility that houses Summit, the world’s second most power supercomputer
[insideHPC, August 10th, 2020]


5G Powers Up IoT

Communications technology reached a historic milestone at the beginning of April this year as Hong Kong’s fifth-generation mobile (5G) network was officially fully connected, linking all major communication equipment
[AiTHORITY, August 15th, 2020]

Leading Tech Companies Certify IoT Devices Via ioXt Alliance

The ioXt Alliance announced that major technology companies and manufacturers including Google, T-Mobile, Silicon Labs and more, certified a wide range of devices through the ioXt Alliance Certification Program
[HelpNet Security, August 11th, 2020]


The Case Against Data Center Consolidation

Having one centralized data center can bring IT benefits. Use cases such as IoT, edge computing and cloud don’t necessarily work with consolidated infrastructure
[SearchDataCenter, August 10th, 2020]

Canon Says Its Cloud Service Can’t Restore Users’ Lost Videos Or Full-Size Images

Videos and full-res images permanently lost after coding issue
[techradar, August 10th, 2020]


18 (New) Ways Attackers Can Compromise Email

Researchers have discovered eighteen new vulnerabilities in how email systems authenticate senders, making it even easier for criminals to fool users
[CSO Online, August 10th, 2020]


Top SD-WAN Providers In 2020

SD-WANs (software-defined wide-area networks) are often praised for uniting enterprise network and security functions into one solution, but there is actually a bigger story of convergence
[eWeek, August 12th, 2020]

Big Data

R And Python: The Data Science Dynamic Duo

The language R is in the midst of a sizzling resurgence this summer. One might hypothesize that this growth is coming at the expense of Python, by far the dominant language for data science. But some evidence suggests that data scientists are increasingly using both
[datanami, August 11th, 2020]


10 Essential Remote Working Tips

Remote work can be an unexplored territory for many people. If you’re new to remote work, make sure you’re well-equipped with the right tips and tools in place. We dive into 10 essential remote working tips
[Business 2 Community, August 13th, 2020]


Gartner: Common Mistakes To Avoid In Enterprise Blockchain Projects

Recommendations for CIOs to avoid blockchain misconceptions.
[ITProPortal, August 11th, 2020]


What I&O Leaders Need To Know About Disaster Recovery To The Cloud

Cloud-based recovery is being rapidly adopted, but there are still questions as to whether organizations should go ‘all in.’ This research will help I&O leaders understand when to use cloud disaster recovery and provide guidance on changes organizations should make to enable it
[Gartner, August 12th, 2020]


DevOps Is Transforming Database Development In The Healthcare Sector

As IT teams across the country struggle with smaller budgets and staffing shortages, every industry has seen a rising demand for standardized process and automation to quickly address pressing needs, according to Redgate
[HelpNet Security, August 10th, 2020]

PeopleTek News

Personality And Work Mode Preference

Extraverts are comfortable thinking as they speak. Introverts prefer slow-paced interactions that allow room for thought. Brainstorming does not work for them. Email does — Laurie Helgoe
[PeopleTek News, August 10th, 2020]

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