Subscriber Self Registation

The person from whom the newsletters are sent, the sender, is also know in our system as the Subscriber Manager.

Multiple Subscriber Managers can be associated with a Team Edition. Each Team Edition will have a sign up form on its microsite. People who sign up at the microsite for a Team Edition will be associated with the default Subscriber Manager who, in turn, can reassign that subscriber to another Subscriber Manager in the same team.

In addition, each Subscriber Manager, whether they are in team or not, will be provided with a unique URL that will allow people to sign up as that Subscriber Manager’s subscriber. The Subscriber Manager could send an email to their prospects, customers, partners, colleagues and invite them to become a subscriber, compliments of that Subscriber Manager.

The Subscriber Manager’s form and the microsite are similar to this:


Once the new subscriber completes the form and presses the “Sign me up for a subscription” button they will be added to the data bases in a “suspended” state and an email will be sent to them. They will remain inactive or suspended until they click on the link in the email that was sent to them. This “double opt-in” process guarantees that the email entered is valid and that a human took the action of completing the opt-in process.


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