IT News: Security (Sept. 21st)

Volume 270 Issue 3

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


What Are The Habits Of Highly Effective CISOs?

Data crunched by Gartner analysts reveals the behaviours that differentiate the top-performing chief information security officers from the pack
[ComputerWeekly, September 17th, 2020]

10 Tips To Improve Your Company’s Cybersecurity Strategy In The Post-Coronavirus World

10 steps companies can take to protect employees and digital assets during the COVID-19 crisis
[ITProPortal, September 18th, 2020]

A Computer Can Guess More Than 100,000,000,000 Passwords Per Second. Still Think Yours Is Secure?

The ConversationPasswords have been used for thousands of years, as a means of identifying ourselves to others and in more recent times, to computers
[GCN, September 15th, 2020]

Threats From The Digital World Lead To Greater Cyber Security Concerns

Organizations will have to adapt quickly to survive when digital and physical worlds collide
[ITProPortal, September 14th, 2020]

About Your Remote Access Policy: It’s Time For An Update

Times have changed, with more employees working from home. Has your enterprise’s remote access policy kept pace with the arrival of new users, tasks, access technologies, and threats?
[Network Computing, September 18th, 2020]

Why VPNs Alone Won’t Secure Your Remote Employees

Hackers have begun to exploit VPN services to gain access to corporate networks
[, September 15th, 2020]

Securing The Edge: 5 Best Practices

Considering how much is at stake in terms of data and infrastructure exposure, companies looking to take advantage of edge computing’s promise will need to take steps to mitigate the risks
[CSO Online, September 14th, 2020]

Gartner: Privileged Access Management A Must In 2020

Gartner’s 2020 Security & Risk Management Summit focused on the importance of privileged access management to cybersecurity as threat actors increasingly target admin credentials
[SearchSecurity, September 15th, 2020]

Banks Report Surge In Impersonation Scams

Fraudsters are using the COVID-19 crisis to trick people into transferring money to them
[ComputerWeekly, September 16th, 2020]

Gartner: Securing Remote Workforce A Top Priority

In a COVID-19 pandemic world with new security threats and risks emerging, Gartner analysts discussed the urgency of securing access and devices for remote employees
[SearchSecurity, September 16th, 2020]

More Cyberattacks In The First Half Of 2020 Than In All Of 2019

The pandemic-related shift to remote work and the growing availability of ransomware-as-a-service were two major drivers, CrowdStrike says
[Dark Reading, September 15th, 2020]

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