IT News for Busy Executives (Sept. 18th)

Most Popular Articles Vol 270 Issue 2

Each week I track what are the most clicked on articles from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events..” Those most popular articles are the basis of the private edition newsletter we produce as part of out “IT Newsletter As A Service.”

CxO Events

Reduce the Costs And Risks Associated With IT Modernization Projects (Sept. 24th)

The Future of Data Layer Strategies: Trends & Innovations (Sept. 29th)

How China’s Cyber Threat Groups Support Beijing’s Geopolitical Objectives (Sept. 30th)

Florida CIO Virtual Town Hall – Achieving Business Transparency (Sept. 30th)

Understanding and Reducing the Cost of Cloud Storage (Sept. 30th)

2020 HMG Live! Chicago CIO Executive Leadership Summit (Oct 1st.)

Managing Insider Risk in the Remote Era (Oct 1st)


Blue Cross NC Brings IT Back In House To Improve Agility

Digital Transformation: 4 Post-Pandemic Security Priorities

10 Value-Adds That CISOs Can Deliver

2020 Has Shown That The Time Digital Transformation Is Now

Digital Transformation: Three Hard Truths About Change

Leading In The Next Normal: 6 Lessons Learned For Cios

How Can The C-Suite Support Cisos In Improving Cybersecurity?

Building Enterprise Agility

How To Build A Resilient IT Culture


Artificial Intelligence Is Now

Why You Need To Start Thinking About Mlops

Artificial Intelligence Keeps HSBC ATMs Stocked With Cash

AI Accountability: Proceed At Your Own Risk

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Finance

The Future Growth Of AI And ML

AIOps: What’s All The Fuss About?


Global Security Appliance Market Revenue Grew To $4.2B In Q2 2020

10 Common Cloud Security Mistakes That Put Your Data At Risk

Towards Smarter Security

How Centralized Log Management Can Save Your Company

Three Steps To Design Security For The Remote-Work-First Enterprise


NVMe Speeds Explained

Tiered Storage, Building Optimal Storage

Archival Storage

Broadcom Gen 7 64Gb FC Switching Platforms: Brocade X7 Directors And G720 Switch


Memory-Lane Monday: OK, So It’s No Problem For You, But What About Your PC?

Please Hold For Nice Barney


7 Benefits Of Deploying A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Server Hunger Is Stronger Than Economic Uncertainty

Reduce Your Server Response Time For Happy Users, Higher Rankings


Verizon Unveils A New 5G Hotspot For $400

How Are Network Management And Security Converging?

Four Ways Network Traffic Analysis Benefits Security Teams


The Top 15 Interview Questions To Ask Job Candidates

How To Select The Right HR Software For Your Business


6 Ways Business Intelligence Makes Better CFOs

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends In 2020


Compare 7 Desktop-As-A-Service Providers

HDMI 2.1: What’s New, And Do You Need To Upgrade?


Best Enterprise Database Software & Systems For 2020

Popular Articles in Other Sections

Top Change Management Tips For ERP Implementation Success

3 Ways To Tackle The Operations Complexity Of DevOps

Best Linux Distro For Privacy And Security In 2020

The 8 Best Cloud Security Certifications For IT Pros In 2020

Part 1: Audit Your B2B CRM For A New Lead On Sales

Commvault Launches Dedicated Disaster Recovery Product

Why Cloud-Based Architectures And Open Source Don’t Always Mix

The ROI on HPC? $44 in profit for every $1 in HPC

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