IT News: AI – Server – HR – Networks – Humor … (Sept 14th)

Volume 270 Issue 2

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Artificial Intelligence Is Now

Today, we still think of artificial intelligence (AI) as the technology of tomorrow – and that makes me worry that many of us aren’t paying close enough attention to the incredible leaps happening in the field. In truth, AI has already started to transform life – and marketing – as we know it
[Business 2 Community, September 9th, 2020]

Artificial Intelligence Keeps HSBC ATMs Stocked With Cash

HSBC is using artificial intelligence technology developed in-house to help it make sure ATMs are appropriately stocked with cash
[ComputerWeekly, September 9th, 2020]

AI Accountability: Proceed At Your Own Risk

A new report suggests that to improve AI accountability, enterprises should tackle third-party risk head-on
[InformationWeek, September 8th, 2020]

Why You Need To Start Thinking About Mlops

The future of successful AI implementations will be MLOps
[ITProPortal, September 8th, 2020]

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Finance

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep neural networking (DNN) are disrupting businesses and challenging traditional values in the financial industry
[ITProPortal, September 7th, 2020]

The Future Growth Of AI And ML

Explore the different trends and topics tech and business leaders need to know
[ITProPortal, September 7th, 2020]

AIOps: What’s All The Fuss About?

Why is AIOps important to Enterprise IT? Michael Allen, VP & CTO EMEA at Dynatrace discusses AIOps, why it matters to enterprise IT and where it fits within the traditional IT landscape.
[ITProPortal, September 11th, 2020]

Understanding The Business Value Of Machine Learning

There’s a difference between a shiny new thing and a thing that works. You just need to look at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see how much of the technology we create just doesn’t cut it and gets tossed into the wastebin of innovation because it doesn’t find a working business model
[TechTalks, September 7th, 2020]

Is Artificial Intelligence The Right Investment For Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a reality for businesses of all shapes and sizes
[Business 2 Community, September 8th, 2020]

Why Eliminating Bias In AI Is Key To Its Success

Taking pause to consider whether technological progress is amplifying challenges we are trying to overcome
[ITProPortal, September 8th, 2020]


7 Benefits Of Deploying A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

HCI is more straightforward to manage than legacy alternatives. That means your tech staff can spend less time on mundane chores and focus their attention on more pressing matters
[Network Computing, September 11th, 2020]

Server Hunger Is Stronger Than Economic Uncertainty

The appetite for compute capacity, and presumably also for storage and networking capacity, in the datacenter of the world might be waning in some sectors of the economy, but thanks to the voracious hunger of the hyperscalers and cloud builders and more than a few large enterprises that need to do more, not less, computing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, server sales are now consistently at the levels we saw way back in the Dot-Com Boom more than twenty years ago.
[The Next Platform, September 10th, 2020]

Reduce Your Server Response Time For Happy Users, Higher Rankings

Server response time is often overlooked when it comes to improving page speed
[Business 2 Community, September 11th, 2020]

Not Just In The Cloud: Serverless In Your Own Data Center

Serverless functions aren’t limited to public clouds. It’s not hard to support them on premises.
[Data Center Knowledge, September 9th, 2020]

Worldwide Server Market Revenue Grew 19.8% Year Over Year In The Second Quarter Of 2020, According To IDC

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, vendor revenue in the worldwide server market grew 19.8% year over year to $24.0 billion during the second quarter of 2020 (2Q20)
[StreetInsider, September 8th, 2020]


Memory-Lane Monday: OK, So It’s No Problem For You, But What About Your PC?

I don’t think you really understand my question
[ComputerWorld, September 7th, 2020]

Please Hold For Nice Barney

He always gets up on the wrong side of the bed
[ComputerWorld, September 8th, 2020]


The Top 15 Interview Questions To Ask Job Candidates

It’s time to fill that vacancy on your team and the pressure is on to find a job candidate who has all the skills and professional experience you need. But can you determine that from just an interview?
[Robert Half, September 7th, 2020]

How To Select The Right HR Software For Your Business

You walk into a store pick up the most beautiful pair of shoes and find out later that they don’t fit
[Business 2 Community, September 9th, 2020]

Employee Involvement And How To Make It Work

The corporate world has seen a massive shift towards modernization, where organizations have moved from brick and mortar. Digital transformation has been at its peak, and employees have played a crucial role in it
[Business 2 Community, September 8th, 2020]


Verizon Unveils A New 5G Hotspot For $400

The device supports more 5G spectrum bands and can connect up to 30 devices
[CNET, September 10th, 2020]

How Are Network Management And Security Converging?

Network management and security have become even more intertwined now that more employees are working from home. How can enterprises ensure they are keeping their networks secure?
[SearchNetworking, September 10th, 2020]

Four Ways Network Traffic Analysis Benefits Security Teams

The march towards digital transformation and the increasing volume of cyberattacks are finally driving IT security and network teams towards better collaboration. This idea isn’t new, but it’s finally being put into practice at many major enterprises.
[HelpNet Security, September 11th, 2020]

NetDevOps: Applying Devops Practices In Networking

Like DevOps, NetDevOps implementations lead to major cultural changes, forcing people from different fields to change their daily work practices
[Network Computing, September 8th, 2020]

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