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Logic only takes you so far, my dear Watson.
[ComputerWorld, September 1st, 2020]

Flashback Friday: Eh, I Guess It Could Happen To Anybody

But it’s a good lesson in humility
[ComputerWorld, September 4th, 2020]

Memory-Lane Monday: While We’re Chatting, I Should Mention About The Big Red Switch …

It’s a whole new world in this place
[ComputerWorld, August 31st, 2020]

Wayback Wednesday: For My Next Trick …

I think I fulfilled all the requirements perfectly.
[ComputerWorld, September 2nd, 2020]


7 Machine Learning Challenges Businesses Face While Implementing

Studies show that your business can experience 40% productivity improvement by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It can help you to reorganize your data in such a way that you get value out of every data point that you record.
[AWS News, October 31st, 2020]

Google Debuts New AI Features And Tools To Advance MLOps

Google LLC announced today a raft of artificial intelligence-related updates as part of Google Cloud Next: OnAir, a nine-week series of livestream events that runs through Sept. 15.
[siliconANGLE, September 1st, 2020]

Feds Investing $1B To Fund 12 New AI Institutes

The federal government is increasing its investment in AI research, with the announcement on August 26 of over $1 billion of awards to establish 12 new AI and quantum information science (QIS) research institutes nationwide
[aitrends, September 3rd, 2020]

The Fourth Generation Of AI Is Here, And It’s Called ‘Artificial Intuition’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed, but it’s not nearly as new as you might think. In fact, it’s undergone several evolutions since its inception in the 1950s.
[TheNetWeb, September 3rd, 2020]


World’s First Photonic Quantum Computer Is Now Publicly Available On The Cloud

Xanadu is making photonic quantum computing more accessible to developers and businesses
[, August 31st, 2020]

What Moore’s Law Means Today

Remember when we all got excited about more megahertz? That’s not the future of microprocessing: But Moore’s Law is alive and well – in its own way
[The Enterprisers Project, August 31st, 2020]

Microsoft Builds Deepfakes Detection Tool To Combat Election Disinformation

Microsoft has developed a deepfakes detection tool to help news publishers and political campaigns, as well as technology to help content creators ‘mark’ their images and videos in a way that will show if the content has been manipulated post-creation
[HelpNet Security, September 2nd, 2020]

Big Data

10 Big Data Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

They call it ‘big data’ for a reason-it’s really, really big. But getting your head wrapped around the growth of information digitization is not easy.
[datanami, September 4th, 2020]

Top 3 Data Analytics Challenges And How To Resolve Them

Jerry DiMaso, CEO and co-founder of Knarr Analytics, discusses how effective analytics has become such a determinative factor that it’s now evident that those who master it will thrive. However, the journey toward that goal isn’t without obstacles. What are the most common data analytics challenges and how can companies confidently confront them?
[insideBIGDATA, September 1st, 2020]

Best 10 ETL Tools & Software

These ETL tools feature advanced data integration capabilities that can help enterprises prepare data for analytics.
[Datamation, September 1st, 2020]


Protonmail vs Gmail: What’s The Best Email Provider For Your Business?

How important is the security of your email provider?
[, September 4th, 2020]

Gmail vs Exchange: What’s The Best Email Provider For Your Business?

Is Microsoft or Google the better email provider?
[, September 4th, 2020]


Make Data Centers Appeal To The Next Generation

To attract top graduates, the data centre industry needs to be louder and bolder in its approach
[ITProPortal, September 4th, 2020]

How To Efficiently Manage PC Refresh And Data Migration For A Remote Workforce

Increasing employee productivity for remote workers doesn’t have to be difficult
[ITProPortal, August 31st, 2020]

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