Security, Storage, Cloud (269.1)


A Patriotic Solution To The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Why now is the right time for the security industry to invest in the human capital that will make technology better, smarter, and safer

Tales From The Trenches Show Security Issues Endemic To Healthcare

Datacenters have evolved from physical servers, to virtualized systems, and now to composable infrastructure where resources such as storage and persistent memory are disaggregated from the server

Four In Five IT Sector Firms Have Seen Increase In Cyber Threats – Specops

Research from Specops has found that four in five computer and IT firms (78%) have seen an increase in cyber threats while working from home

Build Shadow It Policy To Reduce Security Risks

Security risks have increased during the pandemic as remote workers try to get things done. Find out how CISOs can better manage by creating a shadow IT policy

How Poor Security Practices From Remote Employees Are Wasting The Time Of IT Staff

Along with the independence remote work affords employees comes the use of shadow IT and poor password practices, according to a new survey by 1Password

3 Tips For Better Security Across The Software Supply Chain

It may sound look intimidating, but with a few tweaks to tools and processes already in use, it’s not hard to get a head start on improving security posture of the software supply chain

Bracing For The Security Data Explosion

Organizations must prepare for collecting, processing, analyzing, and acting upon terabytes of security data

4 In 10 Organizations Punish Staff For Cybersecurity Errors

New research has found that 42% of organizations are taking disciplinary action against staff who make cybersecurity errors

Ransomware: How Clicking On One Email Left A Whole Business In Big Trouble

A food and drink manufacturer fell victim to a ransomware attack and crucially didn’t give into the extortion demand – but it could’ve been much worse


2020 Vendors To Know: Data Storage

Solutions Review’s listing of the Vendors to Know: Data Storage is a mashup of products that best represent current market conditions, according to the crowd


Cybersecurity Must Be At The Centre Of Your Cloud Strategy

NZ is becoming increasingly aware of the risks from cyber attacks. The security alliance with Five Eyes and protection from multinational cybersecurity providers are incredibly important if we want to minimise risk from attacks

5 Critical Capabilities For Multi-Cloud Data Management

Organizations face increasing challenges managing data across multiple clouds. Find out the features to look for in your multi-cloud data management products and services

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud: Key Benefits And Differences

As cloud services and practices mature, it might be time to rethink some long-held assumptions about the private and public cloud models

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