Most popular articles of current edition (Vol 263 Issue 2)

Most popular articles of current edition:
6 Keys To Digital Transformation Success (IT – CxO)
What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & How It Works (IT – MFA)
Average Tenure Of A CISO Is Just 26 Months Due To High Stress And Burnout (IT – CxO)
8 Ways CIOs Can Use Technology In Meetings (IT – CxO)
Best Identity Theft Protection And Monitoring Services In 2020 (IT – Security)

8 HR Technology Trends CHROs Should Investigate In 2020 (IT – HR)
5 Common Errors That Allow Attackers To Go Undetected (IT – Operations)
Cybersecurity Is A Board Level Issue: 3 CISOs Tell Why (IT – CxO)
Higher-Than-Typical Failure Rate Among Some 12TB Seagate HDDs (IT – Storage)
Mac-Based Security Threats Outpacing Windows (IT – Security)

Telltale Signs Of IT Dysfunction – And How To Fix It (IT – CxO)
Password Security Best Practices In 2020 (IT – Security)
What’s New In HPC Research: Quantum Clouds, Interatomic Models, Genetic Algorithms & More (IT – HPC)
New Database Innovations Deliver A Single Database That Supports All Data (IT – Database)
IT Careers: Crazy Recruitment Tactics That Worked (IT – HR)

11 Hottest Software Engineering Jobs Of 2020 (IT – Careers)
Throwing Down The Gauntlet To CPU Incumbents (IT – Technology)
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) (IT – Security)
Securing The Internet Of Things In The Age Of 5G (IT – IoT)Robot Analysts Outwit Humans On Investment Picks, Study Shows (IT – AI)

Enterprise HDDs Hit 20 TB, Boost Throughput In 2020 (IT – Storage)
Hyper-Converged Data Center Vendors Innovate, Evolve Products (IT – Server)
IT Salary Report 2020: Get Paid What You Are Worth (IT – Careers)
Ignore Email At Your Own Peril [Infographic] (IT – Email)
Top 11 Use Cases Of Rpa In The Insurance Industry (IT – AI)

DDoS Attacks Nearly Double Between Q4 2018 And Q4 2019 (IT – Security)
Watch For These 6 Wireless Networking Trends In 2020 (IT – Wireless)
HDD Failure Rates Based On 124,956 HDDs At Backblaze (IT – Storage)
Cloud Networking Vs. Cloud Computing: What’s The Difference? (IT – Cloud)
Sprint Plans Are Worthless, But Sprint Planning Is Everything (IT – Developer)

2020 Brings Opportunity For Augmented Intelligence (IT – AI)
Do you know the difference between Thunderbolt 3, USB-C 3.1 Gen 2, and USB-C 3.1 Gen 1? (IT – Technology)
Cybersecurity Best Practices Every Enterprise Should Follow In 2020 [Infographic] (IT – Security)
10 Of The Best Project Management Software (Reviewed + Rated) (IT – PM)
Why Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service Is The Industry’s Next Vital Tool (IT – DR)

Why 67% Of Companies Fear They Can’t Sustain Privacy Compliance (IT – Compliance)
Business Intelligence Doesn’t Need More AI; It Needs More Humans (IT – BI)
WhatsApp Tops 2 Billion Users Worldwide (IT – Encryption)
5 Key AI Trends In Customer Engagement (IT – AI)How Blockchain Regulations Will Change In 2020 (IT – Blockchain)

5G Adoption Should Change How Organizations Approach Security (IT – IoT)
Survey Shows 43% Of IT Professionals Still Track IT Assets In Spreadsheets (IT – Operations)
5 Disadvantages Of Business Intelligence And How To Avoid Them (IT – BI)
Enterprise Companies Struggle To Control Security Certificates, Cryptographic Keys (IT – Encryption)
Using On-Premises Object Storage Beyond Secondary Storage (IT – Storage)

Benefits Of Cloud Data Discovery Tools And Services Multiply (IT – Cloud)
HR Tech Makes Your Job Search A Living Hell (IT – Careers)
A Guide To GPU Implementation And Activation (IT – Server)
Hired: AR/VR Engineers Replace Blockchain Programmers As Hottest Commodity (IT – Careers)
6 Factors That Raise The Stakes For Iot Security (IT – IoT)

What To Know About Open Source Security (IT – Security)
Chaos & Order: The Keys To Quantum-Proof Encryption (IT – Encryption)
Digital Trends Changing Advocacy And CRM In 2020 (IT – CRM)
4 Enterprise Database Security Best Practices (IT – Database)
ML And BI Are Coming Together, Gartner Says (IT – BI)

In 2019, A Total Of 7,098 Reported Breaches Exposed 15.1 Billion Records (IT – Security)
10 Hidden Cloud Gotchas To Watch Out For (IT – Cloud)
Explainable AI: But Explainable To Whom? (IT – AI)
Top CRM Trends For 2020 (IT – CRM)
Demand For Data Engineers Up 50%, Report Says (IT – Careers)

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