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Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Tips To Select The Right Microcontrollers For IoT

Microcontrollers offer advantages over other processors for IoT deployments, including efficient energy use. Understand the market and criteria for microcontroller selection
[IoT Agenda, September 23rd, 2020]

Intel Unveils New Atom X6000E And 11th Gen Core CPUs For IoT And Edge Uses

All-new Intel Atom e6000E and 11th Generation Intel Core processors aimed at AI, IoT and industrial uses were launched Sept. 23 at the company’s Intel Industrial Summit 2020 virtual event
[EnterpriseAI, September 23rd, 2020]

Apache Promotes IoT Database Project

An open source Internet of Things database effort has been elevated as a ‘top-level project’ by the Apache Software Foundation
[datanami, September 25th, 2020]

Shipments Of Next-Gen Smart IoT Gateways To Reach 21.4 Million By 2025

IoT gateways are becoming an increasingly important link in the IoT security and device authentication value chain and emerging as a crucial conduit for intelligent operations across the entire IoT
[HelpNet Security, September 24th, 2020]


A Million Students And Counting Have Learned Linux

The Linux Foundation’s Free Introduction to Linux class has just passed the million enrollment mark
[ZDNet, September 22nd, 2020]

Linux Foundation Adds Entry-Level Certification

The certification will focus on the test taker’s knowledge of the fundamentals of system administration
[, September 24th, 2020]

Lenovo Launches Linux-Ready ThinkPad And ThinkStation PCs Preinstalled With Ubuntu

Lenovo announced a global expansion of its Linux portfolio, extending its certification program that was announced in June to include PCs preinstalled with Canonical’s Ubuntu LTS operating system
[Lenovo News, September 23rd, 2020]


Should You Upgrade Tape Drives To The Latest Standard?

A recently released standard for linear tape – open-LTO-9 – sets the scene for faster drives with more capacity, but are they a must-have?
[Networkworld, September 22nd, 2020]

Spectra Logic Announces First Tape Library To Store One Exabyte Of Uncompressed Data Leveraging LTO-9 Technology

The ninth generation of LTO technology surpasses the per-cartridge capacity of LTO-8 by 50 percent to 18TB native, and advances full height LTO-9 drive performance by 15 percent to 400 MB/s native
[HPCWire, September 24th, 2020]

In New LTO Roadmap, LTO-9 To Feature 45 TB Capacity

Long-term archiving and offline data protection are two key uses for LTO-9, the latest generation of tapes from the LTO Program. The roadmap extends to LTO-12
[SearchDataBackup, September 24th, 2020]


The Pros And Cons Of 5G Networks

Enterprises are evaluating 5G and its effect on their operations. Before they can start reaping the benefits from the standard, they will have to carefully consider these 5G pros and cons
[SearchNetworking, September 22nd, 2020]

What’s Involved In VPN Maintenance And Management?

Before an organization’s VPN is up and running, IT teams must address four important aspects of VPN maintenance and management to keep abreast of transforming security concerns
[SearchNetworking, September 23rd, 2020]

IPv4 Vs. IPv6: What Are The Main Differences?

IPv6 is the future, but how is it different from IPv4?
[, September 21st, 2020]


Flashback Friday: You’re Welcome

There’s no winning this one.
[ComputerWorld, September 25th, 2020]

Memory-Lane Monday: An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pounding Headache

Not the greatest decision ever made
[ComputerWorld, September 21st, 2020]


The 8 Best Enterprise CRM Solutions Reviewed For 2020

It’s no secret that salespeople often spend more time searching for prospects and doing administrative work (like data entry) than selling
[Business 2 Community, September 25th, 2020]

How CRM Software Can Take Your Small Business To The Next Level

Get ahead of the competition with Freshsales CRM
[, September 24th, 2020]

Hubspot Announces Major Upgrade To Its Sales CRM

Marrying Enterprise Power With Consumer Ease-Of-Use
[AiTHORITY, September 23rd, 2020]


6 DCIM Software Vendor Tools Address Data Center Complexities

DCIM tools can improve data center management and operation. Learn how six prominent products can help organizations control costs, manage energy and track assets
[SearchDataCenter, September 24th, 2020]

Avoid Overheated Servers With Liquid Cooling

During the summer months, most people spend time figuring out the most efficient — and cost-friendly — way to cool their living space
[SearchDataCenter, September 24th, 2020]


This Company’s Zoom Policy May Be The Worst I’ve Ever Heard

Working from home has made many companies reassess how they manage. Some manage to make things worse
[ZDNet, September 26th, 2020]


Top Five Ways Backup Can Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware threatens to put your data beyond reach, so the best way to prepare is to have good-quality data you can restore from backup. We look at the key things to consider
[ComputerWeekly, September 24th, 2020]

Backup Vendors Ready For AWS Outposts

Commvault, Veritas, Cohesity, Clumio and Rubrik are certified as AWS Outposts Ready, ensuring their data protection products are supported on the Amazon-owned on-premises platform
[SearchDataBackup, September 23rd, 2020]

Big Data

When Users Can Manipulate Big Data At Their Own Desks They Can Use It To Solve More Problems

The best data is the data that people actually use. Make sure the end user knows how to use the data tools for the best business results
[TechRepublic, September 24th, 2020]

Differentiating Between Data Lakes And Data Warehouses

When comparing data lake vs. data warehouse, it’s important to know that these two things actually serve quite different roles. They manage data differently and serve their own types of functions
[SmartDataCollective, September 23rd, 2020]


Top 10 DevOps Tools For Continuous Integration

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of merging all the software code changes and updates into a shared central repository/mainline
[Business 2 Community, September 22nd, 2020]


The Cross-Platform Capabilities Of JavaFX Should Not Be Underestimated

Now that JavaFX 15 has been released, let’s take a look at some of the newest features. We spoke with Java Champion and Gluon co-founder Johan Vos to learn all about the latest JavaFX release, what to look forward to in JavaFX 16, and why JavaFX has a competitive edge
[Jaxenter, September 21st, 2020]


It’s Time To Update Your Pandemic Disaster Recovery Plan

Your DR plan may be unprepared for a pandemic, and while mid-pandemic is not the ideal time to be discovering issues, you should use this time to make changes
[SearchDisasterRecovery, September 23rd, 2020]


How Open-Source Software Transformed The Business World

People still think of open-source software as general programs for general problems. And, it is, but it’s also become vital for vertical markets and companies as well
[ZDNet, September 24th, 2020]


BI Is Dead; Long Live BI

The perception of legacy enterprise business intelligence (BI) platforms comes with some legitimate stigma and baggage
[Forrester, September 22nd, 2020]

PeopleTek News

Inclusiveness Is A Major Factor

Many employees do not feel fully included at work and want their organizations to do more to advance inclusion and diversity – McKinsey & Company
[PeopleTek News, September 22nd, 2020]


What Advances In HPC And AI Mean For Business, And What They Do Not

Paul Brook, pre-sales manager for data centric workloads at Dell Technologies, discusses the impacts high-performance computing (HPC) and AI advances have on business
[InformationAge, September 21st, 2020]


How Augmented Reality (AR) Became The Real Game-Changer For Marketing

While brands have dabbled in augmented reality (AR) for years, 2020 marks the tipping point where it’s becoming an integral part of marketing strategy, helping create meaningful and emotional consumer connections
[AiTHORITY, September 22nd, 2020]

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