IT News: AI, IoT, Technology, Careers, Linux, Tape … (Sept 28th)

Volume 270 Issue 4

Selections from the weekly newsletter, “IT News and Events.


Five Ways To Drive ROI With AI

AI is often touted as the way of the future for enterprises in all industries – but ensuring that the return on investment (ROI) from an AI implementation actually comes to fruition can often be a trickier thing
[datanami, September 24th, 2020]

Top 10 Machine Learning Companies 2020

These top machine learning companies leverage AI, automation and advanced analytics to provide the most sophisticated machine learning platforms available today
[Datamation, September 22nd, 2020]

Pandemic Accelerates Machine Learning

COVID-19 has had profound effects on the global economy. While some industries took a hard hit, others found new opportunities — such as machine learning
[InformationWeek, September 21st, 2020]

Why AI Projects Fail

Five ways a business can succeed with their AI projects.
[ITProPortal, September 25th, 2020]

RPA Revenue To Hit Nearly $2B Next Year, Gartner Says

Robotic process automation (RPA) revenues will reach $1.9 billion in 2021, up 19.5% from 2020, according to Gartner projections
[CIODIVE, September 21st, 2020]


Next-Generation Datacenter SSDs Could Feature An Ethernet Interface

Kioxia and partners begins to sample Ethernet SSDs
[, September 25th, 2020]

Curly The Curling Robot Throws Stones Like A Pro

Robots have shown themselves to excel at any number of sports and activities, though they do best when they have a single task
[TechCrunch, September 23rd, 2020]

The Era Of Big Memory Is Upon Us

If you reduce systems down to their bare essentials, everything exists in those systems to manipulate data in memory, and like human beings, all that really exists for any of us is what is in memory
[TheNextPlatform, September 23rd, 2020]

Your Next Hard Disk Drive Could Contain Glass

Glass could become a vital component in the world’s first petabyte hard drive in order to satiate humanity’s thirst for data storage
[, September 22nd, 2020]


Half Of Professionals Believe Working From Home Has Negatively Impacted Their Careers

Professionals report that working from home has reduced internal and external networking opportunities and harmed their career progress, according to a new survey
[TechRepublic, September 21st, 2020]

You Mean The Recruiter Isn’t The Hiring Manager?

A reader wants to hear from the hiring manager, not from a recruiter, in the September 22, 2020 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter.
[Ask The Headhunter, September 21st, 2020]

2020 Has Profoundly Changed How We Work – So What Now?

We often talk about how technology needs to be agile, but the events of 2020 have demonstrated that so does humanity. The coronavirus pandemic created a massive, rapid pivot to remote working, a change that will have far-reaching implications not just for how we work now, but into the future.
[ITBrief, September 25th, 2020]

The Virtual Workforce: What You And Your Teams Need To Know About Home Working

Deploying long term remote working and collaboration solutions to the entire workforce
[ITProPortal, September 21st, 2020]

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